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Easy to learn, takes a lifetime to master. Fun, great graphics, realistic play. Try it. Brilliant

Good app, only one with multi games like horse and 8 game. Lots of Omaha games and tournaments. Would appreciate more variety, but at least there is hope for improvement. Omg

love it. The best poker platform and algorithm can I give you (******)six stars? thanks again Worth a go!

I've been using this app long before smart phones. Its easy to use and keeps my game sharp Must have

New to the game of poker but have always been intrigued by the strategy. PS has allowed me to increase my understanding of the game. Superb!

Great app for casual play but wish it would.Fully shutdown when being closed. Stays open in the background Marvelous

Stop rigging the cards.. And don't give me bad hands now that I've said this please. Its not fair. You don't have to favor the ones who purchases the most chips all the time.. Some of us are less fortunate than others. Brilliant

I highly recommend this Poker app! It's way better than the WSOP app. It's got more games and more modes. Great job

Love the multi table tourneys. This Poker app is all poker and no extra non sense lol I love it Surprisingly

Loved this game on the computer and this is the best as its almost the same on my phone! 5*'s Well done!!

Do not need the yellow pop up ads while in the middle of a hand to block the cards Worth it!

I play on my desk top.. Now on my phone.. Been playing for years.. One day I'll make it to the real tables.. Thx.. Marvelous

I think there is something a bit strange with this app. There have been so many times I fold hands pre flop that end up being great hands once the flop comes down. For example I get a 73 and fold pre flop. The flop ends up having a 7 and a 3 in it and I instantly regret folding my hand. This type of thing happens A LOT. Past the point of sheer bad luck. Well done!!

Sometimes check/bet/call/fold don't work so if I start a tournament I lose the buy-in because the controls dont respond. Perfect!

Easy to learn, takes a lifetime to master. Fun, great graphics, realistic play. Try it. Not bad

Its an awesome game but do not like the changing of players and tables after you fold a hand. Would much rather stay at the same table until I select another table. Please fix that. I believe it is on the zoom game. Fabulous!

I liked and miss full tilt. I had no choice but to switch to poker stars when they combined the two. Great job

Have played online for many years. Was looking for a new app to play and went to Poker Stars. I love winning and losing fake money and playING with people from all over the world. Worth it!

is ok - game type screens could be a bit less congested and the need to add 5-card draw game to the app since it is available on pc version but all-in-all it is ok Works perfectly

I love playing the free poker. What sucks is when ppl keep getting timed out. Fold or play the hand. I feel that if is a player is timed out more than 5 times they should be booted from the tourney. Really slows down game play. Its not like its real money. Perfect

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