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This used to be the only poker app I would use, but since the last update it is awful. Ads everytime you exit a table is too much. Also they did away with all of the limit and pot limit games 5 star

If enjoy hold em' or omaha etc,look no further.Only problem is when using play money.Once you build up the program robs you with too many bad beats. Cool

The design can be improved. Pokerstars should not make the app with adds, as the company is very big and has good income through web version. Especially, when I finish my game and exit the app, it always open full screen add, which is very annoying Google minded "innovation". wow lol

What with the very invasive ads recently added? really PokerStars? are you that in need? hate those full screen ads, awful Must have

The app is sucked, some times crashed and the app pokerstars EU casino doesn't work at all. Can PS engineers look into this issue and solve and fix it? Thanks a lot ! Perfect!

What with the very invasive ads recently added? really PokerStars? are you that needed? hate those full screen ads, awful Fantastic

Really excellent app. The only thing that i would love to see is ability to access home games and clubs through mobile app Amazing!

I enjoy playing on this sight but would like to be able to chat easier....but I still really like and enjoy poker stars.lite Fantastic

Better rhythm the jackpot poker.. except I saw someone hit a streak of 9 on a 5 person table Brilliant

I do not like not having the option to fold my haand any time i want to leave. I have to wait for a bet to be placed or the hand to end. Must have

Poker Stars Is the Most Elite Poker App There is on the Market!! And The Best Poker Website Period!! Great job

Hilarious. Playing well you lose, playing bingo win a bit more. Oh and chipleaders always win. Worth a go!

I've been playing hold em a long time and have never seen so many bad beats in my life seems like unless you got a royal flush someone always has something better. Not bad

Fun playmoney app. But all of a sudden the board controls don't work. I can enter and pay for tournaments but the buttons then don't work wow lol

This game is amazing and it would be even better if the stupid fbi didn't shut it down so we can't play for money Perfect!

Not a five because after several weeks you will receive a message to download an update. When you try to install the updated app it will look like it is loading but all you get is another message to download the update. To get it to work again you must uninstall the app and reload it. The actual game is very good with a lot of options and many players to compete against. Good graphics and easy to play. Omg

The game does not update your winnings automatically. Once you join a game it immediately tells you the balance based on the buy in. So imagine your balance is 17000 and buy in is 10000. Let's say you lose 2k and decide to leave the game. Now you have 15k right. Not with this game. It doesn't have the balance of 15k but rather only 7k. Meaning you have to borrow more to plsy. However , after 24 hours the balance will return to 15k, if you have not decided to borrow more chips. Must have

This is the best online poker site . Large selection of games and very competitive. You will have hours and hours of great entertainment. ENJOY AND DOUBLE DOWN AND GO ALL IN TO WIN!! Pretty good

The chat could be more accessible during game play rather than taking up the entire screen.....when typing. All n all great. Basic graphics to help with connection speed assuming. Worth it!

Seams there is a un-realistic per-centage of hands won by someone who has a bad beat, on the next hand....odds defying draws regardless of cards played...thus the name joker stars Awesome

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