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Some glitches but ok Play 1/2 no limit holdem lets u raise as little as dollar with the slide bar, it is suppose to be double every raise. People bet 16 the next raise is min 32 it lets people raise 4 dollars 20..please fix that on the app..Also when u sit in it post 2 for u next had no matter ur position and does not give the option to wait for the button..but is got ok graphics and is good to practice other then that.

Great App This app give me something to do when I'm bored I've used a lot of poker apps but this one is the number one . Too bad we cannot use it for real money. Recommend to download PokerStars Poker: Texas Holdem APK

Why... I can't see how much play money I have when I come to my profile. I mean like its really not THAT hard, isn't it?

Very good indeed One of the best poker applications out there. Smooth user-friendly interface. Should include 5 card draw (my personal favorite) and other variations for 5 stars. Although I think they didn't include them for size issues.

Pretty good. Little too much smack talk in the chat for my liking. But it's a small thing. Game runs smoothly and is fun.

#live-poker Galaxy N8000! Like its often said the best known poker app is this one, by looking and using this you will see why. With connections to some of the worlds most known sportsmen and woman you can pit yourself again st them well done..

#kill-an-hour Real needed! I really enjoy real money play and belive it should be inyroduced to android as it has been with iphone or so ive been told. The app runs really well much better than zynga i just wished their was real money cash games and tournements then i would give 5 stars

Pretty good! I'd give it a five if you could join a wait list for a table like you can on the full site. Recommend to get PokerStars Lite - Free Poker APK.

#zynga-poker Good app, but could be slightly better.! Game play is good. Enjoy the available ring games, sit & goes & tournaments. Would like to have background & theme options available.

Best! Love it. BEST poker site EVER!!!! would give 20 out of 5 stars if I could... works great on S4

Sweet! The only prob is I'd like to check my play money balance without sitting at a table.. Recommend to take PokerStars Lite - Free Poker APK.

#card-game Odd behaviors! I use the app on multiple mobile devices and on one I get only 3 seconds to bet but on another roughly 6 to 8 seconds to bet with no explanation of the difference. That's just screwy.

If you want a easy to play poker game that works well then poker ...! If you want a easy to play poker game that works well then poker star is I would recommend it to anyone Get on and start playing. Recommend to install PokerStars Lite - Free Poker APK.

No low buy ins?! I cant by into any low games with real money e.g $1.50 sit and go?? Why is this ?? lowest by in is like $40 any ideas otherwise the game is tops!! Samsung galaxy note II

Great app! Love it, streamlined and slick. Best poker app going, real people and real money. Can't argue.

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