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PokerStars For android mobile phones I wish there was a place to see chip count, level etc... love above all else, the quality of player you find here compared elsewhere Pretty good

Wheres the real money It was supposed to be real money and I download it and I cannot play for real money but it sure makes it so I can buy fake money like I would ever pay for fake money. It is an ok app but why use this when I've been using zynga for fake money put real money and it will have 5 stars easy Omg

Love it Different card games to play like Omaha, hold em and 7 card stud and more. Like the tournaments and zoom games. 5 star

Great Moves fast. The cards could be a bit bigger, but it's cool. Aren't they all basically the same? Enjoy. Worth it!

Joke Liked it until I deposited and never won a single hand. I play poker on other apps and do just fine. Hate this APP. Brilliant

It works Sucks you can't play for real money in the USA. Would be nice if you could for a limit. Not bad

It's poker Just like on PC, I enjoy the poker action! Liquor in the front; poker in the rear! Surprisingly

Almost great The best poker app available...the only thing that would make it better would be the government getting out of the way and start letting us play with real money Amazing!

The bad: Can't reload without sitting out. Also, the Leave button needs to be ON THE TABLE WHERE YOU WANT TO LEAVE. The Good: It isn't perfect but it's THE BEST, warts and all. Highly Recommend.

Long term subscriber I love how fast the game is and the amount of ram I use. The app has a lot of bugs in it though and you should have a super advance list of poker variated games. Us pros like a cornucopia of card games. So please, give us some more leway and make it a little more user friendly.

Texas Holdem Having stakes in several games right now and having played several over the years this has gotten to be one of the very top games. They have refined it and this gamd has become very competitive and very very workable for the beginner, and very professional for the seasoned veteran player

Great app Great app, much better than Full Tilt. Multi tabling support, chat, lots of good options. I see people are whining about losing to "1 outers". This is not rigged. With play money if you get it all in with AA you still may have 5 callers all in, that increases the chance of somebody sucking out on you. Sucks but it happens. You are still a favorite and when you do win you quintuple up because too many people call.

Gotten better When it first came out i just uninstalled and kept on my computer, gotten much better...spin n go is just as useless ive played 20, 100k games so far ALL have been for 200k....pretty horrible "randomizer"

Great App This app give me something to do when I'm bored I've used a lot of poker apps but this one is the number one . Too bad we cannot use it for real money. Recommend to get PokerStars Poker: Texas Holdem APK

Love! I love PokerStars!!! The app is set up nicely... Very easy to use! I haven't had any issues at all with connection which is great! My only complaint is that they don't have it set up so that you can talk to friend over the phone and get in a sit and go together very easily. Its set up a lot different than it is on a desktop.. I wish they would use a similar format so it would be easier to get in with friends! But over all, its awesome! And as far as poker gaming goes... It doesn't get any better than this!

Finally ... multi-table tourneys on mobile. Some room for aesthetic improvements, but overall good app.

Smooth Gameplay Little connection issues. My only qualm is a better method of seeing hand history. 5* if improved upon.

Poker stars Mobile app users need to be able to add or change pics also a way to search for specific tables would be nice btw could not easily join waiting lists for tables not sure if mobile app users can oh and chatting is a pain in the butt

Tournaments are fun... Should be a way to earn some free start over chips. The tournaments are fun and way better than the other sites I've played. But they're a good way to lose fast too...

Adversity This is by far the best Holden style multiplayer game, easy to navigate for players who may be new to game , or longtime returning member no issues bugs fixed

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