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Game works 99% of time but engine broken. After win given money goes to wrong player. Happens rarely but 3 times now in 1 month.. fix it Flawless

Great offline game. Only thing I don't like is once you get gold you can't replay to earn more chips. Now I'm stuck earning free chips daily to get enough to play again or I have to pay for more. But all n all good game. Brilliant

The free spins lands on the lowest 2 amounts every single time. Since last update, opponent is too hard to beat now. Not a great game as it once was. Awesome

Overall it's a solid game. Be aware though that you will have to spend money unless you are willing to go days at a time without playing any tournaments so that your free daily games give you enough money or tickets to play the next tournament. I have two complaints about the game play though. First, there is a glitch when you fold and skip on the hand before you become the big blind. About 1 in 4 times it will completely skip the BB hand but will still deduct the ante from your stack. The other issue is what I've run into with so many of the offline poker apps; the AI players seem to know when they are going to get a big hand. Too often they will raise a huge amount on, say, a 2/4 unsuited and then end up with the winning hand. Sure, it happens in real game play sometimes but it happens all the time in this game, especially when you are close to winning a big tournament. Worth it!

The only thing wrong is that you had to have tickets I didn't understand how or why to get. Other than that fun and addictive 5 star

Great game for the not-so-serious poker player. I have no interest in investing real money online so this is perfect for me Enjoy it!

Love playing this game to pass time and really enjoy all the bonuses and fun games available to play. He careful you will get addicted. Just wow

Everything is great, except for the part where they ask you to buy chips with real money when you run out them that's real gambling right there Fantastic

It freezes almost every time after each round but I love how it tells u the winning cards/sequence Works perfectly

Its a damn cool game. I have it on pc and android. Please though, on android. Move the fold button. I have folded so many hands by accident and each time my insanity levels are reaching the "throw the phone at the wall" point. Thanks. 5 star

It's challenging and offers a lot of fun in your spare time the best part is you can put it on pause and play again later Worth a go!

Excellent way to play with single or multiple opponents. Diverse apps within app. 5 star

It's a fun game with pretty good play. The players aren't very hard to beat, but still fun to play. Highly Recommend.

I love a couple days ago I started playing this game and did not know how to play poker at all but now I do. I love how this game is so realistic and the graphics aren't bad at all I thought they would be horrible. One complaint I have is that the fact that that you can't change your charterers picture to a picture of yourself and that's my only complaint it would be awesome if u can make to we're that's an option so u can choose from your photo and the games photos sry for the paragraph. Worth it!

At first it was awesome but after completing 3/4 of the game the computer seems to be able to take the shittiest hand and come out smelling like roses. Wins way too much.. I consider myself a pretty good poker player and the odds of the computer winning some of the hands that it does is wrong. I'm deleting this game Just wow

Wow! I never knew offline poker could be so intriguing, this is the first game I ever rated. And I must say it's one of the best. A great start for beginners Awesome

I'm new to playing poker and I've found this game prefect, it explains everything to you and it's fun to play. Lots of different levels so lots to do. Marvelous

Good, fun game. Hard to play as much as I'd like without paying money. It's the only game I've played that I have actually run out of money/points. Works great

Much like others have said, feels like after the first set, the game is rigged again at you, the AI gets miracle river cards far more often than seems reasonable. Graphics are great and the concept is very interesting, but be prepared to become wildly frustrated at how lucky the AI gets. Also, almost every character representative of the the AI is invariably slow-playing. Not bad

Great poker tutor. I have changed my comments many times as I learn and improve. I am developing a winning style after many frustrating reboots. Works great

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