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Other than the constant crashes after every tournament, I really enjoy the application. Please reply with further information about the crashing so I can give it five stars across the board. Thank you. Fantastic

Awesome game just have to buy tickets if you dont have thats to move on to a next city but addictive game once you in it and also my first time playing poker Cool

Good game BUT REALLY, why do you make it so you can watch videos for chips BUT not for tickets! I got stuck because I used all my tickets. PLEASE, if you read this put watch video for tickets! Omg

Best poker game out there. Wish I could play real people tho and have more choices for my avatar. Just wow

I've just started but it's giving me tokens for rating it, so here goes- it looks nice! Recommend

challenging and fun win silver and bronze to earn more chips to go futher instead of buying chips.afte earning gold in challenges. Worth it!

Getting stuck waiting to make enough money to start the tournaments could be improved by faster daily matches or going through lessons to earn money. Maybe add an online heads up for more options. :) Awesome

The AI players know your cards. Rigged is putting it nicely...CPUs ALWAYS know when to fold and when to ship it. Try it and you'll see lots of turn/rivers against you but NEVER in your favor. Do not pay for chips. This game is a scam to keep you buying chips. Omg

As mentioned in other comments it's a good offline game but frustrating chips cannot be won replaying old tournaments does seem that the house wins allot but it's gambling and the house always wins in the end wow lol

I like everything about it except how it will crash in mid game.. But when u open the app again it's brings right where u left off. Worth a go!

Best poker i have ever played made me feel like i was a rookie to a pro from begining and end.. Hope they make another game like this one. ❤ love this game. Works perfectly

App sometimes loads with graphic issues but if I close out to correct it, it does put me back at the table without having to pay the table again Perfect!

This game is designed in such way that at some point you will have to buy chips and tickets so you can participate in tournaments. I think that this is unfair and not right Good

Fun and Addictive. Hard to stop playing. Straight forward Texas Hold 'em as it should be Cool

Good game but once you run out of chips you can't play. I understand they need to earn money but it is also full of ads aswell. Currently looking an alternative offline poker ap. Amazing!

I have to exit after every level at the end. It just freezes. I I have to manually exit. Get back on then its back to normal till the end of that round. Plus seems like it cheats too Well done!!

Hmm idk. Glitchy af and it's almost impossible to play without buying chips.. pretty stupid Pretty good

Great game. But it keeps crashing. Can't play more than a few hands and app just shuts down and closes. Fix this & it's 5 stars stars accross the board. Must have

Very nice poker game. But had to reinstall it 2 time already to not getting stock. Recommend

Great poker game, when your outta credit and have no data! Ai interaction isn't overly basis towards you losing. Great Adventure towards becoming number 1 poker player in the world. Thoroughly Enjoyable. Good

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