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Love it! Great graphics, speed and can play offline! Great for all poker players Great!

It becomes nearly impossible to win very fast, the BB is very big starts almost 10% of your stack which is way too much and if you lose a hand you're done because if you go all in as the short stack you're always called by literally by everybody else, even if you start with a win, more players keep on coming and the blinds keep on rising, you're always struggling. You should decrease the blinds and teach the AI not to always call the raise by the short stacked that would make it way better Pretty good

Great interactive poker game however when you win tournaments you only pick up your tournament winnings and not what you have won during the game also! Superb!

Definitly one of the better poker games out there.. Well made and user friendly. Some glitches, but nothing major. Gameplay seems fair. Must have

One thing I noticed that need to be fixed is when you win the hand or beat everyone at that table you don't see your earnings you just get the first prize about and I feel kind of cheated or played if I win to get nothing but 4,600 and I just beat out 7 other players for a total of 20k Muito bom!

Update sucks!!! Game freezes, have to restart and lose the money you had already invested in that tournament! Used to be great, but you screwed it up! Surprisingly

When a pair comes upif they got high card they win ifi got high card it splits pot not very fair n they know wat cards you got cause when I bluff they always cal but if I had a good hand they always fold this game cheats sooooooo bad Cool

Just started using this app. Problem free after playing for hours. Really like the save and quit option. And it works. The few times i used it. When i returned i was right where i left. Must have

It's a really fun game. But if I'm offline and it's down to me and another "player" I've never won. They always have the better hand. (Which is the ONLY bad thing! Well done!!

It's pretty good, but cannot be played past a certain point without paying. I'm so tired of pay to play games. Just charge for a good game and let us play it. Cool

By far the most honest, fair gameplay of the dozens of poker games I've tried. No hotshot bullies, no questionable draws. Just fun and truly skill based relaxation for me! My new "go to" game! Marvelous

Please!! I want to go forward but i dont have any tickets and so many time to get it Please give some free tickets or buy some tickets with chips :/ I love this game so much and i dont want to delete it:// Flawless

Great poker tutor. I reboot everything daily, stuck on the first continent still, but I improve all the time. I did not know that poker is such a lifelong learning challenge. That is exactly the kind of game for me then. At first I believed the game was loaded, but then I decided that I rather need more poker playing experience. Now I just relax and enjoy the poker play. For me, this is the best poker playing for fun alone game that I could find. Works perfectly

Good morning to you by the time to do it for you to know if you want me to do with my wife and children in the morning and evening and I will have to be able to get the best of luck to everyone who has been in contact with the new year to get the most important thing is that the only way to get the best way to get the best way to get the chance Highly Recommend.

I thought it would be one of those copied poker games, but no it was far different than I expected Cool

Would like to suggest some changes. When entered in larger tourneys (more than one table's worth of players) it seems unrealistic regarding the length of time it takes for other NPC (non players) to get knocked out. Realistically, some players can get knocked out in first hand. Second change I would suggest would be to have have access to those spins while "locked in" a table. Fabulous!

I really like the concept of traveling from place to place and moving up the ladder. However, there is a big issue when playing heads up. When heads up, the dealer is also the small blind and is first to act. This game has the dealer as the big blind and second to act. This completely changes heads up strategy and, essentially, is no longer poker. Hopefully they fix that asap. Well done!!

Love this website OF poker ,greatest game out there but now it's like the others that starting to suck Perfect!

Amazing except the buttons should be different of eyepopping or a bit bigger or spread out a bit because once I pressed fold and I could have won 15th I was meant to press call Works perfectly

This was my favorite poker game in the Playstore until it became near impossible to win a hand in the one on one game every 4 hours. Also the "Refer a Friend" option doesn't seem to work. I also agree with others that it is too hard to get tickets and could possibly be days before you are able to compete in a tournament. Disappointing... Pretty good

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