Apk Download » Card » Poker World, TX Holdem Offline » Poker World, TX Holdem Offline comments but need to improve tournament prizes. you play with 24 players, buy in is 10k chips and first winner win 18k chips. there is no sense Worth it!

This is geared up to pay as you play for tickets and the like, but is achievable without money just have to have a shed load of patience. Worth it!

I love this game it's awesome you guys have done a great job I love the game it's awesome we love the game it's awesome I like the game it's awesome 5 star

Fast pace good color, sound and easy controls really have to buy tickets to play so not really free but it is fun Amazing!

Love being able to play offline but need ways to be able to get more coins to play, I don't intend on spending my personal money to play a game. 5 star

So far, I've enjoyed it considerably more than other games I've tried. I'm still playing it.... That alone speaks for itself! Worth a go!

Good poker game so far, no need internet connection is the best when you on plane, you can also play this game, just awesome. More thing is can you add more costless or endless level, so we can play like survive game the more hard the more we get, when you lose you just get the money you win in a previous game. How about you guys to add game mode like this. Thanks for listening Muito bom!

Microtransaction stop the game from reaching full potential the ticket is not a fair mechanic as it artificially prolonged the game Cool

If the ai goes all in and there's still cards to be flipped the ai will always win no matter the odds of it happening other than that good game Not bad

I enjoy the fact that this is offline. It's hard to get tickets and it takes a while to beat each round because they keep adding more people in the table with the bigger group why not just have them out all at once? Amazing!

Well designed, with great game flow. Everything is always very clear. The game is very clearly designed to make you pay really money for chips, however. If you lose a tourney your buy-in is gone, but if you win you only get a few chips on top. --not everything you won in the gameplay. Go well

The offline playability, style, gameplay is great though you cant repeat games after youve won the golden trophy and Im at the ticket only tournament where I dont have any and the only games I can play is the daily ones. I hope you can do a play old matches option Flawless

Way better than I thought it would be. Could improve the betting in the early rounds Not bad

The game is rigged. At the beginning you can win some hands and the it becomes impossible to progress no matter how many times you play a level. And that SUCKS. Must have

It's good game tried a lot only thing is should have more opportunities to win tickets if ur gonna have to use them to play a city Fantastic

I like it Good game play u don't have to wait long to go around to next player bt I need more chips wow lol

I think it's fun time consuming fairly challenging and I have already invited people to play and only been playing for 2 days myself Great!

Really enjoying the game so far. Hope to get a lot more involved with it very soon. Omg

This game is pretty cool and Doesn't have to be connected to the internet to play Cool

Great offline play. Wish not every action require having to view ads but it's a bearable nuisance Worth a go!

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