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It's good except for the ads and it's very hard to get tickets and you have to have them to advance. Must have

It was too hard to pass a level. My opponent always had a better hand. If I got a winning card they just simply fold. Too difficult to win Omg

Great poker no internet needed, i can lose my service but never have to lose my poker 5 star

Longer waiting period for free chips. Is it really free if you keep getting asked to buy chips. Awesome

Please Please make it to where we can earn money in just regular poker games without having to use a ticket. Id love to buy some things but gameplay atm isnt worth it. Muito bom!

I think it's my phone but I.have to.restart my phone a but it's all so a .4 or4.0 SO. Marvelous

Haven't played it much... Doing this in order to play again and if it continues to require tasks to play, etc. I won't have it long. Great job

Can't play without spending money on tickets, you'll take worst beat,you get King high flush they got the ace high,over and over seems rigged!!! So you have to spend,spend,spend,been stuck for a month and that sucks Worth a go!

A perfect feeling of poker!!!! Just well made no lost of time, accurate design and motion. Bravo! Just wow

I like the game but they make it impossible to win without purchasing tickets. You can only go so far then the game beats you every time. It should be more fair and allow for more options to proceed to the higher levels. I feel cheated. Great job

This game is very good and easy and addicting, I recommend everyone who loves Texas hold them to all. Thanks Perfect!

I already finish this game! Very nice and great game! Waiting for the update.. So that i can play again. I got all gold medals Superb!

I play this before and im not satisfied. But after installing it again and play, I really loved the new upgraded one. Good

The AI is fixed to win every marginal hand with a high card when you don't pair. It will also consistently win with hands that no one would play (usually by pairing the lower card of the hole cards) if you aren't holding a pair or better. Pretty good

This is the very best poker game I have ever played in the time that I have play it is the Best Must have

So Hard to Win on the 6th Round MONTREAL.... stock on this stage But overall Great game Cool

Latest version interferes with other audio. Can no longer listen to podcasts while I play. Well designed, with great game flow. Everything is always very clear. The game is very clearly designed to make you pay really money for chips, however. If you lose a tourney your buy-in is gone, but if you win you only get a few chips on top. --not everything you won in the gameplay. Fabulous!

It's a great game for offline. Hopefully the developers will continue to update this game to perfection,e.g. adding some audio responses from AI players and emotional reactions. But still, this game is an act of generosity! And i thank you for making this offline game. wow lol

Keep getting told I have cheated by changing phone times so locked out for 24 hours Good

i enjoy the game but annoying u have to spend real cash to get coins or tickets..just as bad as gambling. Works perfectly

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