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Its awesome. Pls make a hotspot multiplayer mode. I want to play poker against my friends. We cant play online because we dont have free wifi. Thanks. Flawless


Great game but it cost to much to buy in the next tournament and unless u win heads up or compete in the free match to win money u could end up with no money and uninstalling only to reinstall to start back at the beginning again.great for all those who only want to play offline. Must have

Ideal for when you're out at work, even waiting in the car while her indoors at shops. ONLY BAD POINT YOU DON'T GET FREE COINS EVERY DAY FOR LOGGING ON YOU HAVE TO PLAY FOR THEM IF THEY WIN WAITING GAME TO TRY AGAIN GETS ME CLOSE TO UNINSTALLING IT. Surprisingly

Great graphics, decent game play....2 early 2 rate & review thoroughly but will update review when had time 2 try it out properly but looks like an awesome game! Pretty good

Nice app if you like Texas hold em and you want to play it offline. I would prefer if there was another way to earn cash, when you have gain every gold trophy of an area and don't have to wait for the daily challenge to do so. This is quite irritating. Well done!!

Great offline poker game. It is really addicting. Hope next update will have help on card combination ranking for those who are just beginner like me Worth it!

Amazing. I love the diversity of the games. Computer players are almost as rational as humans. Fabulous!

The best offline poker game ever.It feels like even playing online .lol.The graphics are just awsome.Good work Worth a go!

Cool game. Good AI. Wish there was a better way to get cash in the game than doing this review...maybe I'll try winning next Go well

Pretty solid game overall. If you don't finish in the top 3 every time though then it gets difficult with the chips love it

Pretty great game, except how you can only play in certain places until you unlock others, and when you run out of chips you have to buy more... other than that great game Muito bom!

Fun game except for people who play offline have to constantly close the online signup ugh. Great!

Newbie: Too early to rate yet. One thing i have noticed is that, the downloading takes too long from the start & through to each sequel. Could be my device by hmmm?? I'll be back. wow lol

Newbie: Not too bad at all Omg

Like this game but I wish there was other ways to earn extra chips or ticket , or have little buy in tables for the once that has 4 thousands and under to keep playing instead of waiting for the daily bonus.

Overall, the game is very addicting and enjoyable. The user interface and gameplay is wonderful. I prefer this one out of all the other offline poker games. My only problem is the spelling of "Manilla." It's actually spelled as "Manila." It would be great if you could fix this small mistake. Thank you.

Love the game. But hate how you can win, say! 200k on a table but at first place but only get, what. 30k for your winnings. I don't think that's fair. Good game but hate how you NEVER win what you win on the table.

Thanks for maded this offline poker game..Why i say thanks because this the first offline poker game and i love it...keep it up

Finally, a true offline Texas Holdem app that just plays the game, with no theatrics.

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