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Really free. Automatically saves if you have to turn it off in the middle of a hand. Play on your own time. You never have to wait on time consuming opponents. Good

Pretty fun game but when chips are low you can't play. So what's the point of having a game you can't play Pretty good

This game is based on false advertising in order to pursuade buying chips. It's impossible to win challenges, win 2 rounds with a flush get dealt anything but the hands needed. Computer is rigged and players know all hands. Cool

Keeps kicking me out in the middle of play. For that reason I'm giving this app a 4 star. Brilliant

Its amazing card game that no need connection. I enjoy much but i need tickets. Huhuhu cuz i lost.. Awesome

Great game. Would like about to transfer accounts from phone to phone when upgrading devices Fabulous!

Been looking for a good offline Texas Hold'em game. This definitely fits the bill. I like the interface & the controls are smooth. Cool features as the ability to skip rounds if you fold so you don't have to wait for the hand to finish & the game speed can be sped up so it plays quicker. Only drawback is too many ads play. Cool

Fun Texas Hold em' game that doesn't need the Internet...more fun though if you're able to spend a few bucks and stock up on chips Great!

Excellent offline holdem game with a few flaws. The push to get you to buy items is almost as annoying as the game is fun. Fabulous!

Good poker games and places but I suggested before the end of the round show the card of the player eve if they are robot xd Awesome

Solid game. Like the ability to have a career. A little suspect if the cards would fall like they do. Works perfectly

This game is well done, but it would be better if I had a good hand once in a while. Be prepared to be dealt a horrible hand 95% of the time. wow lol

Nice game.. Superb graphics.. But one suggestion please update voice to the players like check, fold, raise etc.. Worth it!

Pretty good poker AI but I don't understand why when the levels are complete, I can't replay or do anything. I have 80mil in chips and 25 tickets and can't do a thing more. You've got my money....a couple of lines of code and I could keep playing. Will make 5 stars if you fix. Fantastic

Dont know but I think it's little bit hard especially with the amount of prizes compared to the competition price. Not bad

It's a great game if it didn't cheat all the time makes it impossible to keep winning. Go well

Come play you'll enjoyhow do I find out if I win the 150000 I'd like to watch the game Works perfectly

Ads are annoying. It could be better if it can be lessen or remove. All in all, it's a good past time especially that it can be played offline. Works for a poker addict like me. Works great

This is the Best Texas Hold'Em Game I have played. Very Addicting. Can spend hours a Day Playing Thanks Flawless

I'm impressed with this version of Texas hold email . And good practice for real game action. Great!

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