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New update error!!!we cant update the bot..always popup ” parse error”..we already downloaded the new update that you release but it is not working.

My pokebot wont move just keeps repeating that no usable pokestops found and using incubator??? How do i fix it?

Mine is stuck on ‘connecting google account’ when I press ‘start’. How do I fix that?

uses lucky egg right off the bat without an option to turn off, and will continue using until account rans out of lucky egg. so for those who wants to keep their lucky egg for future uses, you’re warned.

Update 09/15/2016: [HOT] [Android] PokeBot Android 1.0.13 Released! – Pokemon Bot for Android Update 09/14/2016: [HOT] [Android] PokeBot Android 1.0.12 Released! – Pokemon Bot for Android Android based PokemonGo bot. PokeBot pokemon bot for android PokeBot pokemon bot for android Download Download PokeBot PokeBot.v1.0.2.apk ( PokeBot.v1.0.2.apk ( Tutorial Video PokéBot Tutorial Version changes (08/31/2016): Fixed few bugs Note : Sometimes give a problem on communications. We are working on. Change logs: API fully changed Auto re-connect function added AutoUpdate / VersionCheck updated Small bugs were fixed Features Background work Low battary usage Anti-ban algorithm PTC/Google Login Search for gyms/pokestops/spawns Farm pokestops Farm all Pokemon in neighbourhood Throw Berries/use best pokeball Transfers duplicate pokemons Evolve all pokemons Throws away unneeded items Humanlike Walking Softban bypass AutoUpdate / VersionCheck Use lucky egg while evolve Egg Hatching Automatically Power-Up pokemon Warnings and TIPS Don’t select spawn point of outside the country. Don’t play PokémonGO, while Pokébot is active. Mark to spawn point as most-visited places for more XP. !!! If driving car, use Pokébot. If walking, play PokémonGO. !!! If you are doing something important, use Pokébot.

The Connection Bug is fixed now with 1.0.1 works good for me now, but after 2 min ~ runtime the bots stop working. Arriving Pokestop in 0m Arriving Pokestop in 0m Arriving Pokestop in 0m Arriving Pokestop in 0m Puting egg in incubator : 0km left thats all what he´s doin atm xD

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