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One word EPIC When I first installed it I was really good had a strong team... Then I deleted it because welllllll I have no ide but now I decided ill install it again because all the new updates and stuff ☺☺☺ wow lol

Love the game I play it everyday. Only thing I would say is to finish the story. There isn't much else to do after you beat the 6th hotel and I really want to see what happens with Carlo and Another Great!

Game's Pretty awesome and addictive. The only thing I don't like is that most of the old figures do not have any abilities. I want each c uc r and ex figures to have some kind of ability. Doesn't matter whether it's good or not. Please consider this in ur next update. Thank you Perfect

It is a lot of fun when the RNG is functioning properly, sometimes in league matches my pokemon only spin misses the entire duel. There's a bug in the fusion menu, after leveling up a pokemon sometimes it won't let me scroll down the figure list, backing out and reloading fusion fixes it temporarily. Loading is little slow sometimes, but not too bad. Go well

Maine ise install kiya tha........ But iski loading bahut hi slow hai...... Or ise vaja se mai ise khell nahi paa rahi hu kyunki meri choti bhen ko bhi game khelne hote hai...... So pls sir/mam iski downloading fast kariye taki me ise khell pau...... Maine dusro ke comment ko dekh kar ise 3 stars diya hai....... Thanx Fabulous!

I just love this game and thanks for making such a wonderful game.. i just have a suggestion that there should be a timer to show how long any event will go on as it shows timings in utc.. if there is a timer it will help us to plan better Perfect!

Load times make it very frustrating to use. I've also been waiting what seems like a year for the next campaign update. Otherwise its a fun game. You don't need to spend money as gems are given pretty freely from logins and challenges. Flawless

Used to be a great game. Now it seems when you buy gems they purposely make you lose so you can buy more. Sure enough right after I get my gems I get 5 misses spun in a row. 7 games lost in a row. Ridiculous. Well I'm dome buying gems. If they come to me in the game cool. But this game can be real cheap sometimes. How does my Mewtwo UX lose 5 times in a row. From misses!! Foh. No more money to this game. At least I won't be as mad Well done!!

Gems were over priced in India. If they reduce the rate people gonna through in some money. Other than that game was good. Excellent graphics. Love playing it Works perfectly

This game is great its well made but one problem, progress saves. Please introduce better ways to save our progress as the current way is only usable when our previous device is still working. In my case, my old device broke and i had to restart on my new device so please let us connect to something like facebook or google to save out pregress. Cool

Help me developers :(.I had just obtained the mega Salamance from the flying gym event.I can see it in the money exchange section but not in my deck area where all my figures are.I even used the display setting to see if I missed it but couldn't find it that way too.please respond and help developers.I worked really hard to get it.Thank you :( wow lol

Fake fake fake!! In an event I got a mega salamence and checked the deck Nothing was there.. No mega salamence Last time I got a mega mewtow not available in my deck Why u made mega figures if u don't want to give Don't waste ur data on this fake game...... Surprisingly

Great game. BUT... now that I have been playing for a while and have spent money on this, I am a little more emotionally invested. The spinner. Got to do something different. It was smart working with probabilities but when my miss meter is maybe 8% of my wheel, it sure Pops up alot! The doubles and triples that come out of the poke boxes for new pokemon need more randomizing. I get 3 R pokemon in one box. All three were onyx! And what is it about the AI tickets??? Who really downloads this game to let the computer play for them?? And u guys force too many on us. Great game though. Concept and gameplay Works great

I hate the fact this is a good luck game because I don't know what's going on lately it was fun at the beginning then all of a sudden I keep spinning misses it's getting really annoying I haven't spin so many misses I have lost my levels because of it I'm about to delete the game. But not only that there's a lot of people using Pokemon that go through other's just to make it a easy game for them instead of battle love it

Well it is a nice games for pokemon lovers like me but you can also add things like when you reach each stage like begainer,trainer and other you can give awards like gems coins pokemon materials and ingot I would be easier for everybody to at least get some and save money because I just found some pokemons when I tap the stage level button and a new page came I found some pokemon that are in stages like begainer,trainer,leader and others too they have some pokemons at least you can be a booster for three pokemons so my deck would be a little stronger too because its too insane for me to beat others. So please add some pokemons. Still a nice game though. Keep making more games but not with how much points of attack. Thanks a lot Works great

Extremely hard to get a ex works only on internet And god dam hard to get a us Super slow loading and Take to much data And you should increase the ex ux chance a little so you can get a goo Cool

Best app but want some new pokemons and new mode to fight Like different attacking power which get change through tranning points Some of my duel rounds in quest in not opening plz fix it Works perfectly

I understand that Pokemon get certain buffs in gyms but I feel like some of the legendaries should either be nerfed, limited in some way, or just plain banned from gyms. Seriously. How can anyone compete with someone who has 3 zapdoses plus tapu koko in the flying gym when they all can move OVER your peices, have REDICULOUS damage, and can move 3 spaces per turn? (This is just one example of the totaly unfair scenarios I keep encountering) other than that good game still. Enjoy it!

I've been playing this game for 2 almost 3 years and I never had an issue, until this recent update uninstalled it making me lose my game. Luckily the company helped get it back and I am forever thankful for that. It is a very fun game and a great time waster. So if you're debating on downloading this game then just know if something went wrong, then the Pokemon company will always be there to help. Just wow

A really great strategy game, really easy to get the hang of. The only problem I have is that after a certain ranking, your matched with people who obviously paid to have better trophies. Great job

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