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Cannot make any purchases, keeps claiming I've got insufficient funds despite the contrary. Please fix, or any remedial suggestions on the matter would be appreciated. Thx in advance to the Devs. Recommend

I Already update this new Version. And now im updating again. Fix it pls Thanks. Enjoy it!

I have a problem d!ck.I just want to say fix this mf game or I'll delete it even if I have a 2 high level account this moth€[email protected] game have a bugs at emblem and so many I killed a player at emblem mode but all of them is just taking their badge before I take it.want the reason?!it's because there's a effect that all of you did an effect that when a player you will see a player dead body stand-up fix the bugs that when they stand up they shouldn't take their badge or just remove the effect that you will see them stand up and make you crazy like that someone is going to shoot you OK mf Great!

ကြန္ပ်ဴတာမွာလိုပဲ အခန္းမ်ားရင္ပိုမိုက္မွာ အခန္းပိုက်ယ္ၿပီး တစ္ဖြဲ႕ကို ၈ေယာက္ေဆာ့လို႔ရရင္ ပိုေကာင္းမယ္ Brilliant

Semenjak update senjata saya yang bintang 5 demagenya jadi setara dengan bintang 1.. Tolong diperbaiki.. Saya kecewa Awesome

all my weapons damage decreased as same as 1 star weapons plss fixx this out of thrill.......... disappointed......! Works great

Poin Blank adalah game peperangan yg saya sukai, bisa untuk berlatih akurasi dalam peperangan yg asli Fabulous!

Permainan yang sangat luar biasa, dengan grafik yang halus & kemudahan control Fantastic

The lag are really, plz fix it, I sure this game have potentially same like blackshot, nice job, Korean guy Worth a go!

sorry guys ,happening to many time, until now, i got my money but it still loss, and loss and losing & decrease by it self for nothing to buy. hurmm... not fun anymore... Muito bom!

halo , for me this FPS game is more interesting from the others. why ? because u can get a weapon with low price , can collect diamond easily ,still smooth on low spec mobile and this game really not buyforwin system . just the control , please improve it , make its more sensitive and specially the cheater ban them . I'm sure there will be many gamers enjoying this game if the control more smoothly and importantly fairforwin no cheaters . thanks for listening ! Great job

ဂိမ္​းက​ေဆာ့​ေနရင္​းျပန္​ျပန္​ထြက္​​ေနတယ္​ love it

Goodday !I want to suggest something about sprint and walk ... ever played the game mini militia ? If not well the controls of joystick is good , if u control the joystick u move u walk ... u drag it further u fly... i suggest making it like that u walk when u move it but sprints when u extend dragging it more ... for more info try installing for a moment mini militia , i hope u make the controls like it ... its nice really promise Worth it!

Admin .mohon tambahkan peta agar lebih terasa mudah.dan percepat jalannya supaya seperti pointblank pada umumnya..terimakasih...tolong jawab..admin. 5 star

Hi Nexon, i connect my PS4 controller with bluetooth why cant it move or shoot is the game cant play with controller? Enjoy it!

great game i just wish the inactivity time is longer specialy in sniper mode i always log out of the game due to inactivity Fabulous!

There is sooooooo many cheater, please increase the game security, and banned the cheater as soon as possible. Go well

Please Banned, And Detected Cheat, Because... I Won FairGame Update New Maps, And Boom 9Round Thanks 5 star

I love the game my PBS acc link on my FB acc but all of the sudden my FB acc has been disabled i hope there's a way to transfer the link i hope you can help me thanks in advance nexon Works great

This is RPG game,not pure FPS game like it pc predecessor & i playing on 5 mbps wifi but still server connection problem & often kick out of game with my point has high,really suck Muito bom!

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