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Super accurate! After only 5-10 minutes of tweaking the settings to my stride, I got the best accurate readings out of any pedometer app I tried. It's great! Only thing it isn't great for, is counting steps when you're a waiter (I tried doing this to get an estimation of how much I walk at my job). It starts counting after about 10 seconds of walking input, at my lunchroom job I'd walk a few steps, stop, walk a few steps, etc, so it didn't 'see' anything for those hours. But if you go for a walk or have a job where you have to walk for more than 10 secs at a time, this is the app for you. I also used this at my other job, which involves a bit more walking, and it's perfectly accurate. Highly recommended. Not bad

I adore this ultraslick app, but just dialed back the stars when I noticed it makes a massive hit on my galaxy s4 battery, no less *when app is turned off*, no matter how battery usage is set. By itself drains same amount as all *system* demands combined; all other apps = 0, as in zero. Good

At first it seemed great, but after a few days it got to where it wasn't counting all my steps, so I changed the sensitivity, but that didn't help. It started out showing about the right distance, then it got to where it was short about 2 tenths of a mile per mile. Not very accurate in my book. Superb!

The app is simple but has the basic functions. For those who seem to not knowing it: "you can adjust sensitivity level and mode on the configuration panel". Yet, it is not accurate and, it doesn't work when biking but that wasn't its original aim, right? If it would be just accurate... Enjoy it!

OK, but sometimes it just stops counting. Sometimes it forgets to update values even if internally it's still counting. Sometimes the value for a day will be different for that day in week view that will be different to that day in the month view and then, at some random point, it'll update. It seems to use a lot of battery despite going for the lower power setting/consumption options. It's encouraging me to walk more even if, quite often, I can't tell, using this how far I've actually walked. Oh, and support has responded to my emails. Omg

Love this App especially since I can listen to my Pandora radio while using the app. It is actually right on once you configure it in the settings. I did not have to adjust it to read the steps correctly. But I did adjust the step length. I keep it on all day at work, and it does not use all my battery juice.. I just love this app!!! Highly Recommend.

It's an awesome app if you want to keep track of how many steps you walk daily. Doesn't take up much space and doesn't clog the phone up or make it slow. Easy to use. I wonder if it's wrong sometimes since I don't think I actually walk so many steps, or it Atleast doesn't feel like I go. Overall, a good app. Perfect

Ok once you have adjusted settings to your stride length. If not looked at it for a while steps stop counting in display although it seems to keep running, then picks up eventually, so frustrating as can't see what you're doing. Flawless

No bells/whistles which is nice. It has one unique asset most other walking apps lack. An adjustment for stride length. Using this, you can "calibrate" the app to known distances using google maps GPS and make it very accurate. BUT - for me on my Note 5, app stops working - often. This is a big prob. Buffer overload or something. It's otherwise a great app. Superb!

This is by far my most favorite app I have! I didn't know tat that I walk over 110 miles a month! This app makes my want to walk,well also: my daughter n I compete to see who does the most or best at everything this app follows! It even counts my steps from inside my purse! I LOVE it, wouldn't change a thing! Pretty good

Perfect pedometer! All I want to know is that I get my daily step count in. This app does that and does it perfectly! I really would like to purchase an add-free pro version and also backup to Dropbox. Still, can't get better than this. Well done!!

Step count should reflect in the notification bar, but overall better than google fit app,which I tried for two months and switched to this one. once it stopped working and showed two instances of same day..but that's the only problem I faced Good

Great but... This is a great app. I like it a lot. Very very accurate. The only problem I'm having on my new pixel XL phone is every day I have to go back and stop it, meaning stop in app in my settings and restart it to get it to start a new day. If it wasn't for that, I would give it a 5 star rating. Worth a go!

Seems to be accurate as long as you put correct stride length in settings. Update, 18th April 2017- uninstalled for a short while to try Google fit but this works better for a basic walking app. Very pleased with this & will keep it now. Shame there isn't a paid version to get rid of the ads though. Amazing!

I have been using the app for nearly a month now. It is stable. I like the ability to set auto start and stop times, and being able to tweak the sensitivity of step measurement. I have noticed some lag in the step counter during fast walking. I combine this with a PC based stand up and take a break program, and I get my daily quota of steps. Must have

Does what it's meant to do Nice basic pedometer that counts every step. I tried a few others that didn't add in steps if it was less than 10 at a time, or lost track of the day's steps if it got closed by mistake. This one actually counts every step and remembers them. I can view my steps for the past week or month, to check progress. It would be nice if the icon at the top of my phone listed the day's steps so far, instead of just the footprint image, but clicking on the app isn't too hard. Worth a go!

I had to put sensitivity all the way down to get the most accurate counts. Interface is easy to figure out, very intuitive. I knew I walked a lot working in a warehouse and being a supervisor, but I didn't realize I would average five and a half miles a night. No wonder I can eat whatever I want. VERY GOOD APP. ABOUT 95% ACCURATE, on my phone in my front pocket. Good

Easy to use, makes you frustrated you left your phone behind when you walked the dog. Calibrating is somewhat uncertain as wife and I both counted off 200 steps, compared distance apart and use that to refine initial 'stride length in inches. Still come up 1/8 of a mile different readings on 2 mile walk. But it is a fairly repeatable bench Mark for comparable daily activity. Not bad

It works but... 8th jan fc however I can not seem to get every session to single days mon works ok.then I can't start tues. Same with weekly I doing something wrong? Must have

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Some people going on about only 4 stars cos it doesn't work with some gadget they bought. More fool them. This is a fI've star app, no hidden access requests and intuse adds. Very light on battery on my Samsung Galaxy s5. Perfect

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