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The app recommends to set start and stop times for recording steps, but this doesn't work, most of my steps are not recorded Recommend

Really nice app. I like the design. It is not very accurate, but I don't need it to be absolutely punctual. Works great

It is just enough to make me feel lazy when I look at it and realize that I have made it through the whole day and only walked 84 steps and try walk my guilt away so that's worth 5 stars in my book. Not bad

Please give separate record of each activity .numbers are not visible on graph. Brilliant

This App helps me track my daily movement . It assist me with my weekly goals. I enjoy it very much. Enjoy it!

Nice UI. Easy to operate once your settings are correct. It's not a GPS app, it depends on motion detection by your phone's accelerometer. Small app requires little memory. Does not require a WiFi or mobile data connection. It does not drain the battery, especially if the screen is a sleep. You may run other apps at the same time. The step count and timmer stops and starts automatically when you start/stop walking so you can stop and talk or just take a break without the need to turn the app off. New feature suggestion: It needs a built-in metronome so one can have audible ques for purposes of establishing a steadt cadence. I currently use a separate metronome app to achieve this but it is a cumbersome process. I gave it 5 stars. It truly is a great app and very accurate. This app is so great I would love to see you develop a cycling tracker as well. Works perfectly

Does what it needs to do. There is a lag at times, and needs the occasional reboot (of the phone) to work again. Wish it had more precise hourly data, rather than just a visual graph. Surprisingly

Lite, not much memory need. I'd like to give 5 star instead, but auto start do not work Worth it!

I loved this app. Makes me feel like I'm finding my inner Ryu from Street Fighter. 5 star

Simple to use and a great exercise guide. Didn't realise how little I did until I downloaded this app. Must have

Not bad for a free app. It's not as accurate as a Garmin or Fitbit but at the same time it's a free phone app and really can't ask for much more. The only other thing of note is mph function for some reason will not go above 2.4. Doesn't matter if it's a walk, jog or flat out run. Worth it!

This is an easy to use and fun app that will daily challenge you to do better and go farther than the day before. wow lol

Downgrading to one star after last update, now it stops and starts completely at random. I also lost all of my supposedly "backed up data". Really disappointing, uninstalling. Works perfectly

An ok app. It has the same problems the other one I tried did. The counting wasn't that accurate. Actually it was worse. I really had to mess around and play with it and I still am not convinced I ever got it to record accurately. I have manual labor job so my walking gait and step sizes aren't consistent which this and others can't handle to give me accurate results. Highly Recommend.

Even when I tell it not to stop it does I don't want it to stop cause I have had a moment to check it everyday. Da#@ it! Recommend

Now I have it set up and the sensitivity set low it works very well. Now I can just forget about it and let it run in the background. Amazing!

Very Good and easy. You actually have to walk. You can't just sit there and shake it. Cool

It actually counts the number of steps I take during my 10 hour shift at work. I love it!! Perfect!

I really like the app, it's logs, layout, and settings. I only wish it had a widget to see it without going into the app. Great job

I hate this appp its soooo stupiddd it sucks so much that i wish it was never even invented therefore im giving it 5 stars Fantastic

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