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It's good. Only problem I felt was that even if you travel by two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, it shows as if steps have been taken and energy has been burnt. This is confusing. Recommend

It is useful to keep our health and weight managed. It tells us how much we have walked in a day,month or year. It also tells us how many calories have we burnt. Works perfectly

App worked flawless on my Lenovo phone. On my new P9 Lite 2017 , it switches off every night and don't restart in the morning, even with the setting. Just wow

I use this app daily. Very easy to setup personal information for accurate counts. Really like the 4 categories to choose from plus I can see the daily, weekly and monthly totals in all categories. Fantastic

Using as my fitbit broke. Walking my normal route and the steps counter seems accurate enough. Must have

Very simple to use. I just started a few days ago and this is basic and motivating. Perfect!

It's a great app when it works. Lately it has been stuck on a number all day, only to give a total at the end of the day which I'm not sure is accurate. Perfect

Extremely easy to use and a great interface. Many free features like the theme selections. Simply the best pedometer I've used. Free or otherwise! Good

The app is easy to use and easy on the battery. It runs in the background. You set your step length and then watch the distance increase. I like switching between daily, weekly, and monthly totals, too. There are more options in the paid version, but the free version is fun for now. I enjoy trying to beat a score and I walk much than I did before I found this app. Other apps were less reliable and killed my battery. With this app I turned it on and never messed with it. After several months and resulting weight loss I am quite surprised at how much I enjoy this app. Enjoy it!

Very awesome app. Does what its intended to do plus more. Only thing it needs is to be able to set ur starting time for people who work night shifts. The starting time is 12am by default and you cant change that. Other than that its like ur own personal treadmill with information about ur activities Great!

It's a bit broken, freezes, doesn't work sometimes but when it is working it does its job well. Cool

Great little tool, easy to use and a little time setting it up right for you rewards with fairly accurate results. Got within 10 metres on a 1 km jogging track at local rec. That was me walking the dog not jogging. Can't go wrong at that price Pretty good

Have to give it a high 4. The backup and restore were not perfect, but pretty good. That was taking it across devices. The old device seemed to be running a bit high, but I'll see how it works on a new device in comparison with two others. Go well

I think it is a good app, a bit inaccurate and it doesn't always count all my steps. Other than that it's good love it

It doesn't keep an accurate count on my steps. It's okay but needs to keep better track will keep using until I find a better app!!!!! Fantastic

Best one I've tried so far. You must adjust the size of your paces to get some accuracy. Good value for a free app. Not bad

This app is the only one that would count my steps. I have a bad hip so my stride is off and the app will still count my steps. Perfect!

I have only had one problem with it and that is it is on Eastern time not Central time where I am. Other than that its a dream to us and pretty accurate with my clip on pedometer. Omg

Everything works fine. Just an idea of future feature - to have a simple tool inside, like stopwatch, it'll be very handy in case of counting steps triggered tapping start/stop manually, without any stats or calories. Recommend

Fascinating and slightly addictive. Can't stop looking at how many steps I'm doing. Amazing!

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