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Downgrading to one star after last update, now it stops and starts completely at random. I also lost all of my supposedly "backed up data". Really disappointing, uninstalling. Update 11/6/17: still a terrible, unreliable pedometer. Uninstalling (again). Flawless

Quite useful, except that in the evening it sometimes quits before I do even before the STOP hour. Can't figure out why, seems random. Perfect

The app is very good.. I like it.. however, It doesn't start automatically..we have start it manually.. even if we set it up to start automatically, it gets offline after a week.. Pretty good

Just getting out and walking every day can make all the difference in your weight long term. This little app challenges me to get out there and keep that step count up. Its the one app that is always running on my phone. Superb!

I love this app. Very easy and simple to use. I check it at least twice a day. I don't really have a walking goal I just enjoy knowing Must have

Works good for me. I like that it runs in the background and doesn't seem to take up a lot power. Flawless

I loved the simplicity of the app when it was on my previous phone. Easy to use and provides greater detail than the standard app on the iPhone. However with my new Samsung mobile it starts some days and others stays in bed. This is irritating as you have to check each day that is working. Superb!

I really like it! It makes me feel good and motivated to keep walking! Love seeing my progress! Surprisingly

Love the ease of the application. Seems to be more accurate in total step count than my fitness tracker. Was disappointed when I discovered after downloading that it did require some special permissions even though it said no special permissions needed when I initially installed the app. wow lol

Fine while its working, but often find when I finish a walk it's switched off and I seem to have only walked about 100 steps after a half mile or more. OK for my purposes but really annoying sometimes Fantastic

Easy to use and does it's thing in the background. Might be nice to have a trip meter that you can use your measure individual trips during the day along with the total. Surprisingly

Its free and its a pedometer. It tells you about how far you've walked, jogged, or ran. I wouldn't expect 100% accuracy at this price. It does exactly what it says it will do. Great job

How do I set my step length ? Great app!!! So what does it show ? Calories burnt Time Step count KM and what else? Recommend

Yeah. ..This is a great motivation. Like the step size imput ..other similar site just offer small, medium, LG. You tell it how many inches/cm of your own steps. Nice to be able to customize to yourself. And No ads to interrupt your walk/run. Awesome

Really enjoy this app and i use it daily. I do wish it had a feature that allowed me to differentiate between my daily total and any "walk" I was currently doing. Yes i can figure the number out but that is kind of the point for an make my life easier. Also maybe a little FAQ explaining the app. I had it for a couple weeks before i realized i could click on different things. Someone mentioned a paid version of this app. If there is one then I am unable to locate it. I would be willing to pay a reaaonable price for more features, no ads, and a "lap" counter that measures my current walk vs only the day's TOTAL. If there is a paid version of this app, then some kind of link to that version would be helpful. Pretty good

Most of the apps out there are for equipment you have to buy which are not cheap. This app makes use of you smartphone sensors to senses your motion and includes adjustments for sensitivity and accuracy. It includes calculations for calories burned, speed and distance you walk. It even includes hour by hour record of the number of steps you take as well as daily, weekly & monthly records display. Not bad for a free app. My only complaint is there isn't any built in help manual. Not bad

My grand children ALWAYS tells me to turn on the pedometer to see how many foot steps from one place to the other. We all enjoyed it and my grand son has Jr Diabetes. Helps him to lose weight. Ty.. Perfect

I absolutely loved it the first five days. I am trying to improve myself and this really looked good. But after five days it stopped working. All the displays work but does not record steps anymore. Amazing!

Works extremely well. No idea how accurate it is but gives a very good indication of how many steps one has done each day compared to previous days Enjoy it!

It's the most accurate of the apps that I've tried. My only complaint is that it is an hour ahead. All my steps from 9:00 are recorded as 10:00 Fabulous!

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