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Step count and calories I walk five miles every morning when I'm done it says I've only walked 3. something it's different every day. If my step count is off so is my calorie count. But I know what I've walked but don't know the calories I've burned.

Does not adjust stride well You can adjust the sensitivity of your steps but there is no way to put in that your stride length is 30 inches. The settings are not enough to give you the right stride length. Otherwise it is okay.

Just what I wanted and more After suffering serious knee problems and losing weight to ease them I wanted to monitor and increase my daily step count without adding another item to my pocket. This app has done the job admirably and is as accurate as any of my expensive pedometers were. Brilliant for me.

Easy to use and accurate Simple format that is easy to use. Can easily reference previous days. Accurate even while browsing on phone and walking.

Awesome app, but wish it would be 100% accurate This app really keeps me moving throughout the day, and even though it's not 100% accurate, it gives me a very close estimate of how many steps I'm taking.

It's really good For the most part, it's worked fine for me. The only problem i had was when i screwed with the settings. Just only adjust the settings when you need to and it'll be fine.

Great little app. Does everything it's meant to do, u can adjust your stride length, sensitivity etc. Most difficult thing is remembering to keep your phone in u at all times to keep it as accurate as possible ! Recommend

Good app. Does want access to everything on your phone. It works good though it's not perfect at catching your steps, but it works well enough for me. I really like that it doesn't require data or gps, and doesn't want my contacts, or text messages, or any other personal data. And they still don't have ads which is a major feat in this day and age.

Not Sure The Mileage is Right Never asked me about stride length. But I do like the step recording. That's my 10,000 step per day goal.

Great app Nice and simple and pleased I can adjust to miles instead of kms. Surprised me just how many miles I do in a week - mainly with the dog I'm sure!

Works well. Sometimes won't turn on/off automatically. Everything else works well though, and I like the personalisation options. Doesn't drain the battery.

Jephy The step length option along with age and weight options are great for accuracy. Best part is it doesn't tell me I could do better or to join a group.

Does my step count I wish it would allow me to start & stop at my discretion. It's either always on, or can only do one count per day.

Bob n Nothing fancy just tells you what you've walked. Not sure how it can work out calories with info provided tho

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