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Good app Gives a fair idea of how many steps I take in a day. Will give distance walked on the basis of the stance you've set, so not precise. But its a good tool for a general idea. Will keep using it.

Good app. Few flaws are there though Grt app as its given me so much motivation to achieve my target for each day. The app interface the trend graphs are all perfect. But this app also counts normal body vibration. Like I'm not bed shaking my legs or hands lying down.and still this app counts for steps.. which is incorrect. So i suggest the app is improvised to capture only the real walking or jogging and not any other body movements.

Kinda Sorta works Nice little app to give you a general idea of how many steps you take while walking at a easy pace. Seems fairly accurate for just walking around. Once you kick the pace up it does not keep up with the actual number of steps I am actually taking. Not a good workout or fitness tool from my experience.

SPECTACULAR!! Exactly what I was looking for! Tiny footprint. Seems accurate, has great color themes (instead of just the same old boring "process blue", red&white, &/or blinding white backgrounds!) Starts & stops well, catches up with itself in a few seconds if it freezes a bit. Clear, attractive modern material design. Excellent information. Motivating to use & keeps track of day, week & month. I'd gladly buy a pro version. Tried several, but I think this is the best! ZTE Maven phone

Mostly accurate Great program that is an easy way to monitor calorie expenditure. Sometimes inaccurate, and wont start up all the time. May be my cheap lg phone.

Nice app I enjoyed it too much. It's calculation is almost accurate, which helps to get correct record. Also it's Sharing feature & Weekly/ Monthly record keeping is helpful. Thanks for making great app.

Nice app Records accurately as far as I know, I like the auto on feature. However, I wish there was some way to blow up each graph and see the hours broken down and labelled if that makes sense. I find it useful that I can already compare daily weekly or monthly graphs

Mostly accurate I enjoy the program and find it easy to use and mostly accurate. It doesn't always record all my steps correctly, though. Once, a friend took me out on a boat and it gave me 9000 steps due to the chop!

Wrong statistics When I tried for first time I was happy to see that app was showing almost correct statistics. Yesterday I went on walk and checked the statistics, it showed me total metres 3957 approx. And today I walked same distance and it is showing total metres 5724. This is way too much difference. The app didn't work for me.

Guess this is an update ...don't remember rating b4 but guess I did, probably 4 same reason as now, cuz it keeps asking me to & sick of saying remind later hoping rating it stops that cuz it really is great at what it's created 4.

Love it but..... It freezes if I don't open it every day so it doesn't keep an accurate count every day. But other than that great app!

Does what S Health started out doing Liking for a replacement for S Health? Since Samsung decided to abandon it's customers and not give a reason for breaking it's own app, I find this. Still testing. If I don't wear my Fitbit, I want something to look back on. This seems to meet my "need".

Dependable and accurate I got tired of other apps missing huge periods of my day, so on the recommendation of a friend came here. Glad I did. Now I know how active I *really* am during the day.

Good for what it is for :-) walking tracker Serves the purpose. At the beginning was getting hanged but now no problem. You need to set up First your info to get correct result.

Ok Not that acurate. Ive set up my personal detail and put sensitivity down to 1 and when i count 20 steps it add 2-8 step avg it adds 5 steps so not that great

Simple & Easy Although it can be a little 'laggy' it is fairly accurate. Great starting point for inspiring fitness

Works Well I used this on a previous HTC handset and was underwhelmed, however, on the HTC ONE mini 2 and it's pretty accurate. I like the simplicity.

Steps and distance not accurate It says I only walk a little over 3 miles and 7K steps, when I know it's a little over 5 miles and 10K steps, based on 2 other apps I used in the past. I guess the calorie count isn't accurate either.

Good I find it works good. Gives calory I burn, distance I walk, and saved me from buying p ne of those expensive gadgets. I would surely recommend this app. Most important, it motivates me to go out. Thank you for the app.

Sometimes shuts off When it stays on it works great but sometimes it shuts down all by itself. Also 1 day it didn't start up in the morning and so it just kept adding to the day before steps.

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