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Nice An awesome game. Well worth it. There's replay value too. Consumes a lot of battery though. Perfect

Good but.... Its a good game but crashes pretty often and its way too hard to get a good horse and they can't rase enough to earn money fast enough. I still like to play this game though I hope they fix the crashing and make the horses have an easier interface to display all the detailed information that's needed.

Addictive and Wondrous! I've had this game for over a year now and absolutely love it. I actually went ahead and bought it for my iPad as well for a larger picture I enjoy it so much. My only wish is that they would come out with a sequel just like they did with Pocket League Story!! Please!!!

Galaxy s3 I love these games!!! You should make one with dogs like the Iditarod in Alaska where the sled dogs run a race. Or one with dogs racing on a race track.

The Best Horse Game Ever!! Ive looked everywhere for a perfect game and i have finallt founs it THANK YOU!!! p.s. How do you feed the horses carrots? Fabulous!

=D Worth every penny my fav app but no auto save... =`( I will rate 5 stars the very second there is auto save I highly recommend getting this app SERIOUSLY WORTH EVERY PENNY. Also, i would love it if colts looked like tiny themselves, instead of always the same. Don't like having to save, but these are literally the only faults I have with this app. Just buy it!!!!! Recommend

Fun, great game!! I have full version and i love it so far. But one time the screen flickered crazy and then it turned my tablet off. Luckily, it was ok. Could u fix? Anyway this game is great, i love how the lite version lasts so long. My horse, Sorrel Star, wins like 6 times in a row and speed is around 234! I love it. But how do i expand my farm i want to but i dont know how. If you can, i would want a reply. :) thanks you guys, great game. And ima sign Sorrel Star up for a triple crown race when i can!! :) :) class-10mi love it

As good a KS creation as any Only thing missing is both male and female horses so you could breed both instead of just breeding with a stock female horse. More personal touches with horses would be nice too so its not just like a bunch of race cars with legs. Amazing!

Great for horse lovers. Just wow

My favorite game! My favorite game by far. I love it! but very laggy since the lollipop 5.0 upgrade. Worth a go!

Love it Plzz thank Asia Williams she helped me get this game Good

Love love love it Love the game i have an idea for another horse game, a horse jumping game with female and male horses Worth a go!

Awazing just awesome I love the game! But getting your horsemto have a baby is quite hard but no the less l LOVE the game recoundmended to anyone that likes horses!!! Well done!!

Back to form While free Kairosoft games are nice, I appreciate being able to just get the whole game right away, without need or design for micro transactions. Awesome

Pocket Stables 5 star

Pocket Stables Awesome

Pocket Stables Great!

Pocket Stables

Pocket Stables 5 star

Worth every cent! It's so good to play mobile games with such great standards like Kairosoft games. Check out everything they make! Works great

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