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I think it was pretty good the graphics were almost choppy or had glitches if you know what I mean Works great

I love this game but it won't let me access areas I've unlocked please tell me how to fix this thank you for reading my comment Edit: Thank you for replying to my comment, love that you reply to your fans. The update has really helped the game and I thank you for making the game the best it can be again Perfect

I love the game but ever since the last update, every time I play I have re-download the update all over again! Fabulous!

Please don't remove the game its a really good game. I love it, please don't remove the game☹️ love it

I love this game but it won't let me access areas I've unlocked please tell me how to fix this thank you for reading my comment Brilliant

This game changed my life and is a true masterpiece beyond any other work of art. It is a sad time to see this masterpiece being removed from the play store. On March 31st we will all pray for Shrek's death. Thank you for this amazing game. Fantastic

On parts of the puss guitar we should get credits when hit the yellow notes.... On donkey he should complete the saying " can I stay with you please".... one you buy app you removed the coin option to obtain free coins only keep rubies option (love that) once the bonus collection is done start all over with other picture/frame like other characters...the wiggle of ears in sherk is cute but try pulling wax out of it and do a collection of wax as a bonus... puss should be able have the cute eyes look as one of his choices like dancing...when I bought the app, thought I advance faster, only notice it when I do the commands not when I'm just using it as fun Muito bom!

Shrek was the best thing to ever happen to me. At first I was alone in a dark universe I cried and Shrek heard my calls for help he allowed light to shine on me... But then he disappeared he had created Earth and then he just left... until I found the movies and this game... I have found my green hero and together we save people in need. Get this game and you will see the power of Shrek too! Not bad


It's a cute game; I can't say I'm not entertained! It's strangely addicting. I only wish I could truly walk around the places. Marvelous

I really enjoy this game. I sat down to play for a few minutes and the next thing I knew I had been playing for 3 hour's love it

I wanted to die or maybe even needed to die until my eyes were bestowed upon this graceful game. My will to live has been restored beyond the point that any therapist could have done thank you god for giving me this app. Muito bom!

Fun little game, especially if you love Shrek, donkey and all things Ogre. More for a younger audience with easy, non challenging games. Works perfectly

Fun easy to play just need a way to save progress. I got to lvl 24 had to get a replacement phone and now having to start over at lvl one Amazing!

This app has brought me complete meaning in this life. I was a hungry homeless child until I discovered Shrek. He was like a father to me! He gave me peace in this life and now I could go to bed not knowing that Lord Farquaad was standing there with a knife. I have bought all the in app purchases in this game and I recommend that everybody should get this app and buy the app purchases cause it would be the GREATEST investment of ur whole life. IF U HAVEN'T BOUGHT THIS GAME ALREADY, U NEED JESUS AND SHREK!!!!! I would rate this game 69 billion stars cause of my devotion to Shrek. Shrek is love. Shrek is life. Works perfectly

Great fun to play and please add more chapters to game because I'm on page 98 a d the sticker duplicates. Add new stickers and add fiona. It has been 7 months and there are no more chapters been added to it yet. I just made it to level 124 fix it and add new stickers and add Fiona like you said that you are going to do. Perfect

BEST GAME EVER. It's so relaxing and mind blowing it's most definitely is the best game ever. My mom and brothers love Shrek it's like the only cartoon my mom ever laugh so hard at Great!

I love shrek movies and this game is great for laughs. I am rating 4* because there is nothing to do except free actions without use of credit card. How quests are given, food, if anyone can tell me how to play without watching free videos let me know. I refuse to allow my kids to play a game that is all pay even to get stickers for stories. I have epic and rare but bought rubies used credit card to get them. More free quests less pay I will give 5* Well done!!

I am 7 and i was very boerd playing the same game for about 3 years but then I went looking i searched up shreck Cause he kinda cool then yay I found this game this game changed my life my own pet/friend to play with and.Tip: DOWNLOAD THIS GAME NOW Good

It's a good game but I hate the part when I have to click several times for the stickers! If you guys could do something like less clicking when revealing stickers, gonna give this a Five Recommend

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