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Great resource I use it daily for formative assessments. All that is missing is a random name picker for students. Omg

Already great, with a few updates it will be fantastic! It's free! And it works fabulously as a quick formative assessment. I would like it to have folders to group questions, and per student reports. Thanks for this great app! Brilliant

I really like it But! Really good quick assessment, as an assessment tool but it has its limitations. After I have assessed my students on about five questions I really would like an option where there would be a percentage of correct answers per student as if I was giving it in a test setting. Instead of me going through each question and each individual student to find out the average of questions the got right. Good

Awesome quick formative assessment tool Scans remarkably well from a distance. It's simple to create questions and simple for the students to use. It's a great addition to be able to include images. Just wow

Great I wish there were more kinds of reports. Suchs as a class report on multiple questions. Worth a go!

Good for discussion Works really well with my nexus and whiteboard, def needs ability to share questions and import images Surprisingly

Great Formative Assessment Tool! Quick, cool way to get a formative assessment! My students enjoyed day one of using Plickers. I certainly did not make enough questions for them. Muito bom!

Hoping to give 5 stars one day I was so excited to use this. Made 3 hours of content only to try to play it for more than 5 minutes without it crashing as I try to scan answers. Using Lollipop on a Nexus 4 Fantastic

Great app Great for Formative assessments or quick quizzes. Free is always awesome in education! Not bad

My class loves this app I teach an behavior support classroom and my kids love to take tests this way. It also saves me tons of time grading. love it

Great for schools on a budget I started using Plickers at the beginning of this school year. My chemistry and physics students know the routine well by now. It really helps me see where clarity is required and lets the kids practice the material as soon as we've covered it. Physics can be counterintuitive, and Plickers helps illustrate that to the students. The software has improved since the start of the year and I anticipate it only getting better. Cool

Misspat I love it !!! This was a very easy app to set up. I loaded up my class and my questions in very little time. Thanks 1,000,000. I will definitely use this in my math class weekly. The students will love this, since they love competition. Works perfectly

Plickers = Real time data Love using this in my science classes ! It provides a quick, reliable way for students to answer questions that can inform my instruction and help us reach mastery of daily learning goals. Thank you. Must have

I really liked it but... I really loved the idea and customer service was so friendly. I finally got the cards all printed and made my questions but all day it's just been freezing on the camera part, black sad. I was really excited to use it in my classroom :( but guess that's a no go. Is there a problem with the site? I can't even sign on from my pc Marvelous

Great Works nearly as well as devices that cost a lot more. Allows you to try out a clickers system without a large cost commitment. Love it. Go well

#live-wallpaper Incredible! This app will change the way I assess. I never have access to clickers. They are painful. I used to use simple methods to do formative assessments like "Thumb up or down" and "Hold up the number of fingers" because they were simple and reliable. This destroys those, and has no real downsides. Thank you for thinking of ways to make my classroom better. Dan p.s. More offline capability would be better.

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