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Watch the lighting This was easy to set up, just be sure to pull down window shades if the windows are behind the students. The light can make it difficult for the camera to pick up the plickers. Omg

My kids ask for this I love this because I can instantly see who gets it and who doesn't. There's 100% engagement-no place to hide. I teach 8th grade, and my students get so excited when I pull out the plickers cards.

Good but could be better Would like to amend questions in mobile app and would like to create reports from scanning information

Very Good, But a Few Suggestions I love that this application gives real-time assessment results! It's a wonderful tool! One of my only qualms is that after a question is archived, it's no longer separated into folders. I've create multiple library folders for all subjects and would love to print out the data for my binder, but because the graphical data for all subjects is lumped together when archived, it's useless. :/ Any chance this update is possible?

Great app, needs better reporting and easier question assignment The principle is great but can we get reports for a range of questions not just one and be able to assign a whole folder to a class?

Needs better data reports Plickers is great for teachers who don't have a class set of technology. It doesn't not have a report put into a spreadsheet sheet though. Which makes it difficult to use for student grades.

Lol Teaccher uses SO much he yells at us if we dont do it correct some kids yell back lol:)

brilliant! perfect way to capture class attendance and formative assessments without asking learners to pull out their phones, clickers, or any tech to supplement thought.

Adore this app I heard about Plickers this week and immediately tried it out. My students loved, absolutely loved it.

Brilliant! I really like this app. I have used it to great effect in my lessons. It is a useful tool to assess learner knowledge.

One of My Top 5 I love this app so much! It's simple to use and my students love it. Perfect app for a non-cellphone campus.

Extremely Useful I teach classes of around thirty and this method of tracking progress and using assessment for learning has revolutionized my classroom. This app is not difficult to use or set up and the customer service is more personal and more effective than any other app I have in my life.

LOVE IT I love this app and keep promoting it at school of 100+ teachers. Worked this morning, using it for warm up questions and checking for understanding. Also could be awesome for exit tickets. Fantastic way to gage student learning without them feeling peer pressure and you get an honest response.

Working great after 2.13 update Been using this in my classroom for two weeks and has worked great. 2.12 update broke the app but the developer fixed it promptly.

Doesn't work! Every time I open it, it crashes! I just installed the newest version too. I want to use this app, PLEASE FIX IT!

Thank you! Fixed just in time! Thanks! This app really makes the classroom exciting and interactive!

Great support! Excited to use this in my classroom Quick turn around. Easy to setup and use in class. Saves me time and helps collect formative data quickly and accurately.

I really like it But! Really good quick assessment, as an assessment tool but it has its limitations. After I have assessed my students on about five questions I really would like an option where there would be a percentage of correct answers per student,for that student. As if I was giving it a 5 question assessment. Instead of me going through each question and each individual student to find out the average of questions they got right.

Love it, but stopped working on my G6 It was working perfect and for the last two days the screen goes black then the app closes when I hit the camera to scan.. Please fix asap!!!

Stopped working (LG G2) I used this for months, then when I was using it for a new class today, I got the same "blurry" issues other droid users have reported. It won't scan anything. Luckily, my IA had an iPhone and we installed it on hers and it worked perfectly. This is extremely frustrating as I use this regularly during the school year. Please fix!

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