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Aplikasinya (khusus yg free) kurang mendukung untuk mapel matematika dan fisika. Terutama ketika menginput gambar maupun copy paste gambar pendukung keterangan soal. Ada harga ada kualitas sepertinya. Muito bom!

Great system, it works well. I love how I'm able to pull the data by individual student and by class. Brilliant

Students have responded positively. Quickly shows progress. Enjoying it as a new tool to add to teaching resources. Fabulous!

plz add future for all data update by excell file and also add new fature for share any data to any user of plickers Great!

Update future to add all questions from Excel file.. Also we can share questions to other user it will helps us Well done!!

Camera only takes a up a small fraction of my phone. Never used to be this buggy. Worth a go!

The system works well, but I can't rate it much higher because of a bug that's been happening in my app. The camera screen spontaneously quits back to the question screen. Well done!!

Be nice if there was an option for a sound when a student is being scanned. And it looks like the students who missed some quizes but got right the remaining ones, are winning. Should be an option to penalize for missed quizes Perfect

Cool app, I just wish I could add questions on the app as they come to me rather than waiting to get to a pc first. Any chance you could add this? Great tool to engage classes, btw. Pretty good

Love this app. It has become my go-to assessment tool because it works so well, gives detailed information and the kids love it ! Highly Recommend.

A wonderful application that allows for quick assessment and provides you and your students with immediate feedback. Their spreadsheet option is a great also a great too which allows you to see your students results easily. Marvelous

Great app but it's not running on WiFi network even i am not to able sign in please fix this issue Worth a go!

Everything is good. But there is no option to add classes or students name. Also there is no option to assess a single student in case of multiple questions i.e how many correct answers one student attempted in case of multiple questions. Brilliant

Since upgrading Android, the camera stalls and sometimes forces me to leave a question before I have finished scanning all responses, skewing the results. Otherwise, I like it. Would love it if questions could be grouped into quizzes and shared. Omg

Great class tool! I heard about Plickers during staff development before school started this year, and immediately started thinking of how I could use it in my classroom. No need to purchase expensive classroom response gadgets. Just print out the QR codes, assign them out, and have the kids either glue or staple the codes to their folders! My classes love the instant feedback for our test reviews, surveys, and exit tickets. The app does drain the battery when it is on so just keep a power cord close. 5 star

Magical I used it today for the first time and it works great. It even got the students that were in back of class like 8 meters away from me. Just i wish if you can redesign it and i can reveal the answer from my phone. Thanks Fabulous!

good but... This app doesn't work on the detnsw wifi and we have to use mobile data. I'l definatley up my vote if you add support for proxy servers! Great job

A Classroom Favorite I have been a Plickers user for years, and it has never let me down! I can always count on it for quick and easy formative assessment. I love the score sheet option to sort and analyze data! Cool

I love this app. I try to use it daily in my classroom. I just saw that on the iPhone you can take a picture of the questions, but on my app I cannot. Is this going to be in a future update. Omg

Students love it! My kids love doing quizzes with these, but I would love it if there was a data base where we could share and search for questions by topic or by standard. Just wow

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