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Okay but graphic and not free Some of these operations are pretty gross. Also this game is not free like it claims. I paid the five dollars for the full version and it's decent without ads. Definitely not for kids though . Well done!!

I loved it It is so fun to play it just doesn't like when you have to pay for going over the bridge it is funny Cool

Worse game I hate it because when u cut the people u can't see Great job

Iove playing this game I love this game it is sooooooo cool but they only give you 5 levels that is so silly there is like 20 levels and you only get five Fantastic

Its a cool game but when you get to level 11 you have to do the same levels 1-10 again that's what I don't like about it. I paid 5.99 for this game expecting to play different levels. Fantastic

خیلییییییی قشنگه Brilliant

I love you Alpha alpha and I wanted to know my Kik musically description box black and white Must have

Descisting It's descusting when I play this games it makes me sick i hate the lost finger and ever thing but it's a good game Perfect

Four stars Like it but exciting game love love love love this game .............any problem so tell me Cool

Ok All of the games from table tab always have payments and I'm too little to pay for this stuff I don't really play table tab anymore because of the payments I only play free stuff like coco Not bad

It's ok Why this game have a payment???? I can't open some levels because of the payment... Recommend

fun I guess besides putting fingers together I can't play all of the levels I got to pay for them Flawless

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