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Was good if you want to pay for it after level 5 it's very easy but as desired time consuming, I uninstalled the game after level 5 when it wouldn't allow me to continue without purchasing the full version, add wernt so bad and controls were abit laggy. wow lol

I think this is a great game but gross and if u don't like the game then delete it. Works perfectly

I thought it would be fun to goof on after seeing the screen caps, but the art in game is really nice. Still getting used to the controls Marvelous

The game is ok First of all I like tab tale games very much but this game has disappointed me bcsz every tab tale game has so many levels and this has only 5 and it take 78 MB! The game is of 5 levels and u r taking 78 MB! To download.i don't like it tab tale and and about the rating I have given it three stars bcsz it's other levels r great like joining the finger,doing lip surgery's etc. So I have tell it complaints and it hard work also thanku Flawless

Shut it You should be thankful for the levels you get I keen some games only give you 1 or2 free levels so yaif you want to hate go somewhere else Awesome

This game is awesome When you play this game it teaches the but not only the kids the adults and teens. It helps no what your supposed to be if you want to work at vcu or mcv Fantastic

It was difficult controlling the items and sometimes it was hard to understand what they wanted other times they repeat way to much over all if board it's a good game. Brilliant

Amazing game! Fun surgery and I love reading the stories about what happened but there are only 5 levels and them you have to pay for the rest. Good

Your game has a good thing to it and it's not just a baby game and I'm a boy that is playing this game I just like your game it has a really cool story so yeah thank you for making it Perfect!

I liked it all but after a couple levels you gave to buy more it's really annoying. Fabulous!

NAH I am still an lovel 4 and i hope it turns out well cause the other comment. I think they don't like it Good

Cool It's pretty good although I would be a little better with jetpack joy ride. Right guys? Recommend

Its not very good Coz really I need to pay for the full game and maybe we can't afford so please can you change it Marvelous

It's pretty good It's pretty good because, well I don't care werever there are 5 levels and I want to be a doctor when I'm older. Perfect!

Romea Greene I liked because you help people I don't like is that you have to look at disgusting things on them Amazing!

This because it is top-notch and cuz it gives me a lot of courage and myself being a doctor Omg

The best game ever made You get little prizes every single time you do a good job on the surgery and I think it's cool how they made the little descriptions of how they got hurt Must have

The good game This is very good game and also educational game for teaching the children how the doctors can relief the patients from their diseases and and how they can surgery the peoples but it has only for levels we can play please make the whole game free if you can't make the whole level free so please make make only 5 levels free. Please Enjoy it!

It's okay Pos put it on a timer and actually allow the person 2 do it there self and pick there on item nt the same 1 in different colours if wrong lose point if rite gain points Works great

Love it I like it CUZ I love to take care of people I'm only 7 I play doctor with my little sister CUZ when I grow up I want to be doctor I love helping people feel better my mom said it's my job to she said that for pretend to make me feel ready for a fake check up for my dolls Works perfectly

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