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The game is kind of satisfying until, you get to level 5. You must to pay to pass. Unfortunately most if people playing this are kids so probably parent's won't pay money for a game that their child will get bored with, but if you'll pay its grand. Enjoy it!

I did not understand this game that how to open 6 level can anyone tell me how to open Muito bom!

It's ok if this game had 20 levels i will give 5 stars but only 10 levels please don't fool peoples like this you are saying 20 levels is there.but only 10 levels and boring game ever i usually like tabtale games but this game very boring pls don't install this Omg

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Well...I mean...I kinda like it Enjoy it!

I love how this game was has a lot of choices and has a bunch of ways to play. I also liked how they don't just tell you to fix a person, they actually give you a storyline of how they got injured. Worth a go!

this is nice .. so many ads ... the game is saying to buy full version after fifth level we have to buy the version alteast after tenth level ... why I will waste money for this. bakwaas game I have uninstalled the game please don't download bakwaas game ever played Superb!

Why make this a game for kids? But this was a little weird. Quite a lot of ads but it was entertaining. The controls were not spot on and needs some work. Personally this makes it seem as plastic surgery is easy. It's not 5 star

yooooo when I get to the part were I do the ladys lips its impossible please make it easy Gob Bless Fantastic

I liked it because it had many other things to do but when you have to buy the whole game it sucks. Worth it!

Everyone is so mad about this game. Everyone has to take's a GAME. It is not a game for teaching...It is a game to HAVE FUN. So yes things are real that you have to do or deal with. Personally..this is a really fun game to pass time, etc. But i will not be buying the full version. That was stupid to do. As soon as you reach level 5 you have to buy to play on? Uninstalling for that main reason. Other than that..good game. Superb!

I hope you see this I downloaded it and I got to level 3 it basecalliy like just frozoed crashed and I hive 4 stars because its alright but it crashes let me know if you see this reply to me Works perfectly

A lot of ads, but the game is too cute.. 4 stars for periodical freeze points during gameplay.. Worth the download for my inner need to help others in need.. ⛑ Great job

I wish it didn't cause money to move on cause it's only has 20 levels but other than that its great Well done!!

The first level was okay and then it started glitching after I finished that level and i couldn't pass on to.the next one... Amazing!

I like it but for some reason it won't let me go to the next level. I just finished level one. And it keeps going to level one and replaying it. Works great

[Very funny game it is . I loved it . If you feel like bore so you can play this game. You enjoying to play this game] Fantastic

Well I got stuck at level 1 because level 2 wasn't working I kept tapping it but it wouldn't work so I deleted it Great job

Do you all know that I love doctor games and this game with new cases , Not just with 5 or 6 levels with total 20 levels it's enough for me. I want a game like this with - more levels with new tools etc....... Enjoy it!

The games OK. But like all people say they need to buy the whole ver 2 play the actual game. That's not fair for us! Pretty good

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