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Loving it Dear popcap,The Zombie empire has noticed that you updated your masterpiece to work on new androids, on behalf of the team of zombies we thank you., now we can 'Help humans live' thank you newspaper zombie. wow lol

Please fix I love pvz but ever since the new update it take ages to load the game and some times stays on the loading screen Just wow

Tree of Wisdom!!! I mean that tree that when you put some fertilizer it talks and talks and grow :-) pls I miss that tree so much plspls pls pls pls pls pls if you do that ill give 5 star Well done!!

Help!!! Please fix it, my lg3 stylus got a new software, and now the game won't open! I love to play it, please fix this :( Great job

Cant open the game after latest update so i had to uninstall and reinstall it. Lost all my progress and still cant run it. Still gave it a 5 star coz i really love this game. Please fix. Great!

Ok, but update ruins game! Game was fine until the latest update, which prevents survival modes from being unlocked (even if you've already unlocked them, they become unattainable again) and wipes out certain things that you've bought within the game. No sign of a fix! Works perfectly

New update ruined it I updated the game to the newest version and I am disappointed that when I try to open the game it crashes. If you can help, please do. Muito bom!

Wow.. My plants vs zombies app crashed please help me with this as I entered it just black when this happen? I updated the game 5 star

Great! Though I wish it was explained what the difference between PvZ1 paid and free, and PvZ2 was. I have this paid version, but what's in the free? Is the free the latest? Or is 2 the latest? So Confusing, haha. Good

Fixed Update fixed the problem where the game was not openable, but lost all progress. Just wow

Monumental Should ever the occasion arise where I need to form a force of zombie killing plants in order to protect my house and my mental next door neighbour this game has truly prepared me for such events. Couldn't be happier I feel ready for any zombie related eventuality that may come to me in the future !! Superb!

Can't open after update I can't open it after update, what's wrong?? I pay for this game and surely won't pay again. Fixed this pls Awesome

Progress not lost in latest update Thought my progress was lost but checked achievments and all progess trophys were there. Also checked quick play and can play every level including bonus Highly Recommend.

Last update got rid of my progress The last update got rid of my progress but also annoyed at the vase breaker mini game.. whenever you break a vase and get a plant as soon as you click on it it plants it right there! This makes this mini game completely unplayable! I really enjoyed playing this before but now can't. What a waste of coins. Great!

Great game but this version doesn't work. I'm a PvZ veteran from the pc so can vouch that it is a quality game. However this version doesn't work on my Tab S. I have the Humble Bundle version but irritatingly this is missing some features such as the Zen Garden. At least it works though, the Play store version just force closes as soon as you start it. Have requested a refund and may just have to accept that I won't be playing the full game on my tablet. Perfect!

Solid game Played it on pc and gonna use this to kill time on my phone. Opening ad is annoying. I thought I won't have to worry about ads since I paid for the app but I was so wrong. Perfect

Great It's an amazing game for a bus,car,plane and train journey's. Also a bad part... IT DOESN'T LET ME SING IN TO GOOGLE PLAY SO I CAN'T PURCHASE ANYTHING FIXXXXX ITTTTTT just saying.Using Andriod Works great

Freaking awesome fun. 5 star

where are the pc / xbox 360 features. Fabulous!

Better than Xbox Live. Worth a go!

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