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It's ok, fairly limited in routines, find myself always doing the same thing... 30 day challenge Ramps up way to quickly in difficulty, although I am recovering from injury... Worth a go!

Good features but it needs the ability to pause between exercises in case I get a phone call or muscle cramp. wow lol

I like it, but it's a little confusing about where to start and when to move on. Brilliant

Just started doing it and like the app and exercises are great. - highly recommend Perfect!


Easy to use. Great flow and the diagrams as well as vocal coaching is a big help Flawless

This is such a great app that starts you off small but gradually challenges you. Check it out! Works great

Great app, as someone who is just getting back into fitness I'm finding it challenging and I'm only on day 4! Enjoy it!

Nice app. Would be nice if it would contain instructions on how to do exercise correctly. P.S. there is bug in latest version when you try to edit exercise plan and remove exercise that has duration rounded on 5sec. It subtracts 10 seconds and you cannot go to zero, instead you go to -5sec and exercise is not recognised as removed therefore you cannot add another one instead of it. Not bad

This app is good. It could have been better if you add a voice telling you of the next plank move so you can lock your phone while on exercise. Please add. Worth a go!

It is good if you give proper time to set posture then start another move there is very short time gap to start next move and set proper posture Works great

Great very easy to use and well laid out actually encourages you to keep doing it really is good simple but effective :) Recommend

Brilliant app, allows you to set reminders. Some good exercise plans. I enjoy doing this every morning. Great!

I really am enjoying this with all the levels and thirty day plan. Simple without a lot of extra stuff I am not going to use. I do the push-up in the morning and plank in the afternoon. Neither take more than 10 minutes and it is easier for me then trying to schedule a full workout in my day. Superb!

Liked it well enough on the free version I bought the full version so I can really customize my workout. After the Dr told me last week I need to make sure I stay consistent this is really helping. Awesome

I really like it i mean i just wanted to start workingout and planking is very hard exercise day 1 was great now on day 5 and im feeling light already Omg

Good quick short workout, but I wish they'd say which one was next because I hate having to look at the screen constantly. But I lost the timing that it has the countdown. Worth a go!

I download this app yesterday and began my beginner 30 day challenge this morning. I set reminders for everyday I'm scheduled to do this. I was expecting some kind of alarm to go off, or a sound or something. Nothing. Can someone please tell me what the reminder setting is for if it doesn't alert you? Fabulous!

A very good app to use. I can feel my arms starting to get not only toned but stronger as well. Keeps track of the minutes and it increases each day which is even a greater challenge. Highly Recommend.

This is a wonderful app. I can record how many minutes i have done every day. It also has lots of choices where beginners or pro can choose from. The only thing i dont know is that when i change the order or sequence and i start it, it will revert back to its original sequence. But i still love this app. Thanks. Hope i can see some useful apps from here. Flawless

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