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At least reading every signal I start remember "how" I can feel. Like now I'm cheely. + Planets/ gods it makes thing in more "mythological and epic" way. Thenks u guys, thenks u Google, thank you bro that create Google. Thank u Ada Lovelace. Pretty good

Thank you for the update. Please sir, consider adding the rising sign (zodiac) and the lunar mansion that spend 51 minutes starting from the the rising mansion. Excellent app keep it up Amazing!

How would we increase congruence? And what is it based of? Great app and using for months. Thanks. Just wow

A great deal of work and attention to detail has gone into creating and designing this wonderful app wow lol

Emhotep! Incredible and Beautiful. Jupiter and Venus could not ask for a more perfect time piece to add to your daily great work. However, the Day Ruler is off. It's one day behind. I have tried tweaking the time but nothing. Is there a fix? Thank you. Brilliant

Very interesting app. It is a bit dense at first but you can find your way around it. Request for access to contacts is not reasonable. I refuse. 5 star

I would appreciate a tutorial to be added. It is difficult to interpret the information given. Well done!!

The changelog mentions that it is mandatory to read the users contacts profile pics, but does not state *why*. I did not think that this was the kind of app that required such information, since it is not a social app? Awesome

Excellent app! Super detailed and obviously made by someone that knows astrology. Not bad

This app contains an incredible amount of celestial and biorythmic information. Truly it's in a class all its own. The problem, however, is that it's got a very steep learning curve. The app author could improve it with straight forward labeling or a short, easy to understand tutorial. Worth a go!

The UI can be a little intimidating at first but you can easily navigate once you begin to process the wealth of information the app provides. Great!

It's not getting my city right. I was born in Hollywood Florida and I think the app thinks it's Hollywood California. Also too complicated to edit. Brilliant

Very nice app loaded with lots of features have to work around it to figure out all of them planets in conjunction shown of time arrival in time of exit feel like to know download it Recommend

I think this app could probably use a small redesign and I'd like to have an FAQ to see how all of this is calculated, but overall I love it! It can be really confusing at first, but it's well done for a solo developer! Not bad

Great app, takes a little time to delineate the information, and learn what's being given, but worth it! Go well

Very interesting with a lot of info. Good app to help plan the hour to do magical work more efficiently. Amazing!

Great aop... still testing it out... not sure about if the updates are solid... but I think it's best to not rely on the notification... there probably a way to block it... if not through the app... through the phone Perfect!

Absolutely incredible. Definitely not for beginner astrologers or for phones with a short battery life (though you can easily work around this by turning Sync off), but if you know exactly what planetary information you're looking for and what you want to do with it, you would not believe how powerful of a tool this app is. Pretty good

So in depth and detailed for being free. Should maybe make it easier to learn how to use it for skipable directions right when you open it. Well done!!

Love, Love, Love this app. Found a gremlin hiding in my device doing funny things with ad-free version; Dev was responsive, careful in understanding my issue and worked to resolve the issue. I am happy to report that my device is issue free and has optimum operation. Excited about new updates as well. All Devs should take a cue from this one! Thanks so much & Happy New Year!!! Perfect!

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