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Only thing I wish it did was keep track of progress, maybe she how many times you've completed each workout Must have

My abs are hurting! Good ap. The timer stops showing the countdown after 10 sec or so Great job

Love this app! Unlike others I had no issues with the timer. It's a great plank workout. Highly Recommend.

I just love apps like this that just works. However, the timer display stopped counting down on my rooted GT-i8160 (CM12.1/KitKat5.1.1), but works OK on my MID tablet (4.0.4). Omg

Brilliant app, simple, easy to use amd does exactly what it says. One issue I have is that the timer freezes at a certain point, it still counts down, the Ui just doesn't update. Enjoy it!

Awesome core work. Been on this for around a week and a half. Already finding level 2 to start become manageable. Look forward to stepping up to level 3 within the week.! Works great

Love the app. Love its simplicity. It's a clean app. No Ads to bother you. Love it. Keep up the good work. Omg

It's time to stop being lazy and just keep moving. Planks can be done anytime anywhere. So far so good Works great

Works well for me. I'm about 22lb overweight with lost back problem but this does not cause any issues. Omg

Really simple, rests in between positions, countdown so you can get in position. Easy to use but I can feel it working Great!

Good but I would like to have the possibility to add a 3-seconds countdown at the beginning of the workout to allow for positioning, thanks Omg

That's a really nice app. Thought I could go directly to the harder level but I was wrong. Start by the beginning and go step by step. Fantastic

No ads! "No ads, my ass!" That's what my grandma would say if I found a free app with no ads Muito bom!

Fantastic app, free with no ads... Thank you very much for this app; simple but effective... Only issue is the timer stops at 22 seconds (still finishes the session with voice)...if you could fix that issue it'd be perfect. Surprisingly

Timer freezes about halfway through each exercise. Edit: I have a sony Xperia z5c with android 6.0.1. The "circle progress bar" thingy usually gets filled about halway through the countdown and the countdown stops there as well. E.g.: I start holding a plank that should last for 45 seconds. The timer freezes after about 20 seconds and keeps showing 25. After 25 seconds the exercise finishes and the next is shown. Well done!!

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