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Loved this app, free, no ads. Would be better if it able to record the data for long period. Fabulous!

Exactly what I wanted that no other app could get right... this app illustrates the various plank exercises as it counts down the clock. Many levels of plank workouts are included. This is the perfect plank exercises app, and ad free! Thank you so much. Brilliant! wow lol

Great simple app. Though it could do with reminders and goals to add motivation. Just wow

This app without ads is Superb. I just love it, plz develop similar app for other ab exercise series also.. 5 stars for u guys.. Simple is Awesome Works great

Nice & Simple app, without ads! The exercises are simple too... but hey, simple doesn't mean easy. These exercises will keep you fit and give you a nicely toned body. And did I mention No Ads? Perfect!

Great ecercise, but terrible application: it stops working all of the sudden, the timer does not work properly, it forces you to submit maximum no of stars, it is very basic. Great job

Excellent! Nice and clean interface. It being ad-free compels me to write this review. Great job guys! Very helpful. Worth it!

Great app. Practical routines that produce results. It's hard to find an app this good, for free and is not ridden with ads. Keep it up guys. Superb!

Приложение гуд, но один жирный минус, после 22 секунд счетчик перестает идти, или на 12, в зависимости от упражнения, почините пожалуйста. Англ версия Highly Recommend.

I'll give it a 5 when Google Fit integration was a reality. I'd pay for features like that if really worth them. Works great

Fixed: Full App Animation Settings need to be enabled. <-- Latest update, count down still progress, but the seconds stay still (numbers not countinh down) please fix. Great apps! Superb!

No ads and balanced workout. If one could make their own workouts it would be the best plank app in the store Fabulous!

The countdown clock stops after 3 or 4 seconds. Other than that, the app is terribly awesome!! Good

I can't believe this app is free and has no ads! It's so clean and works so well (at least so far). 5 stars, with a bullet. Not bad

Simple, manageable app which you can choose which intensity to for. There's a sounded countdown timer so you don't have to look at the screen. Would like to have a tracker to see your achievements. Recommend

Clean and easy to use plus it's ad free, bonus. Great app. Love it. Keep up the good work. Amazing!

You have forgotten to add Right Hand Left Leg raised in Level 9, the reason I was wondering how come it is shorter in duration than Level 8. Also it would make sense if you say "Arm" instead of "Hand". Flawless

Finest app without ads. Kindly make more such kinds and make a contribution button if someone wants to contribute, because you are working very hard. Pretty good

Really easy app to use. I do wish that it could track your progress also, but I do like that it's ad free. I would pay if it could track your progress. Other than that I like the app and I recommend it to my friends. Enjoy it!

Great for core muscle stamia. If you're training for military or just wanting to improve your core this is a great app to help you get started Great job

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