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The app is okay, but at least a description of some of the positions/exercises would make it a lot better. Must have

Great app, thanks! One question, there us a "push up" exercise. Should I really make pushups or just that one position that is on the picture? Its very difficult for me to stay static in it, thats why Im asking Cool

Just started using this app but love it already. I like the reminders and the not-too-disruptive ads Just wow

I think need calender and reminder but over all great than another ( know perfect ) Great!

Its a great app after all, but i would like to turn off the voice of counting down the numbers. Must have

very good app. could have added animations though but nevertheless a very useful app Works perfectly

Many levels so you can start from where you are. Also like the remove ad option. Cool

Just what i was looking for to add to my daily routine. Simple easy and effective. Just wow

Great app only thing i would add is suggested progression in opposed to user deciding when to level up Enjoy it!

Tried it free and then paid for. Like the results and like the app. Niggle for me is it doesn't seem to remember when I rearranged workouts. Would also prefer not having a halfway time, purely because if I'm knackered I know I have more to do :) Muito bom!

I like how the app is built. The structure is motivational rather than the boring "hold it as long as possible " Great!

I wodh it allowed me to add more reps in trainer mode, some repeative, to make long session Amazing!

Great.... Love the simple interface. But the timer doesn't work properly. I only counts to half the time and doesn't show the rest of the time. Other than that it works very well Recommend

Very useful app. The only thing that I miss is 5s time increment in trainer mode. Many thanks to developer Great job

Different levels of workout with variations attracted to download this particular can improve from easy to advance level slowly nd steadily....good planning. Brilliant

40 year old man here. I downloaded this app because I wanted to strengthen my back. 2 months later my back is much stronger, but I'm more surprised what it has done for my stomach; bonus! Great app! Great!

Nice, but the timer is a bit flaky ... it stops the countdown display at 15 seconds ... still stops ehen it should though love it

While the UI and overall design is neat and clean, the apps less than stellar with its excruciating beep sound and annoying voice aid. What if I don't need rest? What if I want my plank be uninterrupted? What if I don't need this annoying voice? I'm shopping for a better alternative, sorry. Not bad

You had one job.. To be a timer. But halfway through the timer doesn't update anymore. And then a few seconds later poof it's done. Fix the buggy timer and it would be pretty good 5 star

Шикарное приложение. Даже удивительно, что без вездесущей рекламы, за что огромное спасибо. Awesome

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