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I love this game, had it for years but I can't restore my purchases that I had on it on my old phone. Had bought all of the plagues and unlockables, got rid of ads, and had neural and simian flu now I don't have any of them and when I try to restore purchases it doesn't work. Perfect!

This game is amazing! Its so fun and can really test your ability to think. Great time consumer. I highly recomend it. Marvelous

Its fun but when i beat the bacteria stage i was post to unlock the virus stage but i didn't it said i must complete the first on casual or brutal i did that but no stage that pissed me of Good

This is a very good game and perfect for wasting time, the map does not fit inside the whole screen though. This is quite a good game and I recommend it Worth it!

If my purchases didn't reset every time I update the game it would be alot better Works perfectly

I like this game but it is full of issues such as the microtransations being the only way to get the new experiences and what then? Nothing new which isnt paid for. Works great

I've played this since It first come out and I love the way it's evolved ;) I love it better than I ever did before Highly Recommend.

Well the game has a great plot and a miniature figure of the world some things are kinda funny and annoying. First of all plz make the different types of the plague bacteria open from the start. Its rubbish playing the game on brutal and there is just a slight chance of getting them unlocked. The second is plz make all the different plague types like shadow plague and simian plague free as well. They r too much good than the original. Great!

Best game to kill boredom Highly Recommend.

Super fun and addicting. Been playing plauge Inc for years and still enjoy it. More/new plauges/scenarios would be awesome, but I know those take time to create Fabulous!

Although I feel like a psychopath, this game is a m a z i n g and I wasted so many hours playing it ahh Loved the thing (except for stuff u need to pay for, ofc, thats lowkey annoying) Works perfectly

Das Spiel ist echt gut. Ich hätte gerne mehr von diesen Spielen... Ich hab mir heute Bio Inc runtergeladen und fände es auch mal spannend einen kranken Menschen zu heilen... Perfect!

But I wish there weren't so many things you have to buy to get a better experience. Other than that, this is my favorite game!!! Marvelous

Love this, super fun, finally got to do what I always dreamed of doing- killing off the entire human race! Go well

Too many ADS, its like playing a demo where the full version of an APP game its the price of a AAA game Recommend

It's fun to play en your bored, but it's not like talking tom or fallout shelter where you have to constantly keep up with the game. Brilliant

I absolutely loved it, and there is no limit to the amount of fun you can have in this game. There's different game modes for people who like easy things and difficult things. I just absolutely love this game and it is so fun and addicting. Great job

The concept is awesome. I can see myself spending lots of time wiping out humankind. Perfect

It takes a long time and I do have one compliant: if the entire world is infected, then given fatal symptoms, THEY SHOULD ALL BE DYING AT AROUND THE SAME RATE. This confused me Well done!!

Fun concept but missed the mark on how much control you actually have. A cure will be found no matter how many points you spend on stopping research. Brilliant

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