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This is a great widget. It's really clean and sleek. It's easy to use and it's FREE Worth it!

I'd been looking for a Pixel widget that could display the pill style icon as well as the weather and although I used another app similar to this, I found it wasn't updating the weather icon as it was meant to. I then found this app and it works as it should. I could say the interface doesn't look the most modern when you're setting up/customising the widget but that's only a minor gripe and doesn't effect how the widget performs. Good job on this one. Recommend

Why the widget always shows the same temperature and location eventhough i change the location. Pls fix this Must have

I was looking for google weather style and I got just that I love this app, it works like a charm good work who ever made it. Good

There needs to be an option to edit the padding of the widget / resize it. It looks great and works great overall, it's just that the space between the widget and the edge of the display is somewhat bothersome. It's still better than having to change your whole launcher for something like this, but if that option is added, it could be a perfect 5 star. Cool

Pretty good.. would be miles better if you didn't constantly need to reopen the app to fix the time. Looks just a tad too short on my side doesn't reach the edge of the infinity display. Overall I like it but it's not perfect Pretty good

I have to manually open this app every day to update the date on it other than that it's great. Not bad

Add the transparent pill connector as an option for the widget like the one on Android o Not bad

Would get better rating if the weather was a bit more detailed or subbed with Google weather. Plus the Apps weather into if it by sometimes 8 degrees. I paid for the Pro edition plus accidentally donated more money that I was never refunded. Please fix issue with weather. Could care less about the money if the problems are resolved. Thank you Go well

One huge problem is that the my phone has the huge ass Google search bar so it would be rediculas if I put a Google search bar under another search bar Great job

Just one thing missing; can the shadow in the widget be made optional? It appears strange on light wallpapers when you want white colour only. Just wow

Looks great while being totally functional...pretty much the perfect widget. I used to use the built in Google widget in Nova Launcher, and thought I'd never stop using it, until I found this. Great work dev...keep it up! Perfect!

The widgets are good. Especially the weather widget. Other pixel weather widgets show a question mark. Just a thing; will it be possible to use a vector image as the widget instead of a png, so that it is possible to change the colour of the widget. 5 star

Great widget, only problem is the temperature feature on it is waaaaay off, like 12 c° off. Why not derive the weather info from a more reliable source? Omg

Please resolve that issue to open the app to update date every time I restart the device. Also weather is not updating automatically. Brilliant

Its fantastic. Its the app that gives your phone a drastic change and just love it. Also very much satisfied with the weather forecast. Perfect!

Need to not be reset every time I reset my phone or it dies or whatever 5 stars when that stops. Great!

Just as im about to delete and ask for Colour text. You add it. Thank you. Best app that goes well with Action Launcher. Enjoy it!

Gets better with every update. Please continue to update the widget to match the actual pixel launcher. Highly Recommend.

Love the widget. Would be perfect if you had the option to show the current temperature from Google weather. Often the temperature in the widget and Google weather are quite a bit different. Worth it!

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