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Nice crm app Thanks for very nice app and for use Google guidelines. Please add notifications for tasks and deals! love it

Need to maximize the screen real estate Hi, I'm using a Galaxy Note phone and found it is a waste not to utilise the massive real estate of the screen. Let us have customization to put more info into one screen with smaller fonts/buttons/menus/titles. Marvelous

Needs a widget! Please please please include a widget so that I can see my upcoming activities at a glance from my home screen! That will make the difference as to whether my company continues using Pipedrive after our trial ends. IOS has this feature already in the notification shade, there's no reason android can't have something similar. Great!

Great tool I very much like the automatic phone call log after each conversation. It is very helpful in deed and saves time Good

Awesome I use it throughout all my companies branches with all the salesmen ..its really good Go well

Love it Works great. Easy to use. Would love to see landscape mode and have better email but I'm still happy until that happens. Perfect!

Great and easy CRM with powerful functions The only thing, what I miss, is the created date in the lead pipeline. For example you get 10 leads at different days, you can't see which are the new and which are older. Only if you open the profile or change to the view list. 5 star

Good ad Just started using this software..looks good just a few small issues..I would prefer to get full settings access with reports from my mobile device...also real time lead capture from my phone calls...other than that looks good Highly Recommend.

Great but... Wish I could have calls logged automatically to piped rive without calling from the app. But great app.

Excellent Customer Service, I had a simple question with something small regarding importing my contacts online and a lady on their support line not only helped me, but spent just under 2 hours on the phone with me 'holding my hand' showing me not only how the CRM worked, but the app. This company definitely knows customer service and it shows. I have cancelled my other CRM that I was paying DOUBLE for and will be using PipeDrive's CRM and their amazing app for years! Keep up the great work guys!

Exactly what I was looking for! Simple and to the point! I've used top producer, contactually, insightly, and a few others and I finally decided onl pipedrive. I wanted something were I could easily see all my leads, whether or not there was a task assigned to the person (which I could easily discern) and pipedrive delivered... and at $12 a month... so far I love it... and I have actually picked up 3 clients that I had been neglecting because they "fell through the cracks" no complaints at this point... LOVE THE PRODUCT! App=

best app among others I tested many crn, but found 100% usability of this app. Designing part is prefect, thanks to designers for online version. Good work.

Sluggish What's going on with the Android app l. When ever I try and save something it takes for ever. I've force closed, uninstalled and reinstalled only to find it doing same thing?

No Landscape view on Android Disappointed that no landscape view on Android. Have used on iOS and qorks much better with the rotated view. Other than that excellent app.

Great solution but not perfect on tablet Your app not fit and perfect for tablet. Your app can't rotate on tablet. Please develop this function.

Battery usage a problem Great app overall, although the Activities section is a little cumbersome. My main complaint is the battery usage which can be 7 to 15% when it's not even being used, this is a problem

Outstanding Pipedrive used to be good. Now is outs-freaking-tanding. The revamped design of the mobile app realyy nails it, because now one feels more connected to the Pipe. It just feels more real and natural. Congratulations!

On the right track Any way of providing a sync button to upload your phone , social media contacts for a smooth transition over to pipeline ?? Thank you guys

User friendly What good is a CRM if it is too heavy to use? Our company has SAP, but I pay for the subscription to manage my pipeline effectively. This program is so easy to use!! Best one out there.

Clean interface and functionality I am working for a realty company and this fits the bill. Yes, we always needs stuffs to be added, but overall I am happy that this works and increases productivity.

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