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Pinterest is a brilliant app for those who work in schools. As you can obtain some wonderful activity ideas, which are easy to make and developmentally appropriate for children to learn. From my experience the children have enjoyed them immensely. Worth a go!

I save ideas for everything in organized boards (love the new sections within boards). Sometimes I can see who pinned something in my feed, sometimes it doesn't show?? I like to see this. love it

Amazing. ...I alwz takes idea from here.....and creat something new for me... Fabulous!

I enjoy the images. Less concerned about the social aspect. I enjoy seeing the ideas for homes, images of birds and other animalsb, gardens, and aircraft. I do not like the ads that burst into sound despite the fact that my phone is silenced; this is especially disturbing because I often look at images on Pinterest at times when audible phone sounds are inappropriate. Fantastic

So i loved this app, before I couldnt see all my pins with the new installation of the sections. Like, the section will tell me i have 44 pins posted on my specefic section, but when I scroll down I only see 20 and they wouldn't let me see my remaining pins! This is frustrating, please fix it! Superb!

So there's a new feature. Now you can add sections to a board you create. For example if you start a dinner ideas board you can add sections like one for chicken dinners, meatless, casseroles and so fourth. At first it was working very well. And made your Pinterest more organized. And seemed to be working well. But what I noticed recently is if I have more than 50 pins for a section. It doesn't show all my pins. So what's the whole point?? Please fix this issue. Otherwise the section feature is worthless. Enjoy it!

I would like to thank you for letting me read all of the comments on the pins I go on. I write little story with my friends so it's nice to go back to read the beginning of them but it's to continue them because when I commented on my friends pins it doesn't show me when they comment and the other that is a little upsetting is that when we have the like button I used it to save all my friends pins so I can find and continue the story that way. But I saw the those pins turned into my pins...and now I can't find those stories any more. Well, the old ones I did with them. Can we fix that or is it to late? Thank you for listening. I really miss reading the storys we had together and I can't find my friends pins come the comments where switched? I was reading back on a story I made with my friend and the new word placement is kinda messing up the story a bit. Can we fix that? It'll be very hard to go through so many comments to just find the newest one. Works perfectly

Everything is great, it's a wonderful app. The only problem I have is, when I try to search a Playbuzz quiz after I've already taken one, it only comes up with a white screen. This is really annoying because I enjoy their quizzes. I don't know if this is something you can fix or not. Recommend

A great app for finding out whatever interests you! Great pictures & good links. Only one thing is that when you click on read it some sites have closed so disappointing... Fabulous!

What happened to the app? The issue with the messages was fixed, but my boards still keep showing up in Most Recent order even though I keep setting it to A-Z. Please fix, ASAP. Marvelous

Love it, one of my favourite apps, I always find some thing new that interest me, iv learnt so much since I started using Pinterest . Thanks Pinterest for being so awesome, Amazing!

Pinterest is one of my favorite apps. I use it daily and it's just great. 5 star review if it weren't for how many times it refreshes. Every time I open it up it refreshes without needing too. Sometimes I switch to the notifications and come back to the main feed and it'll refresh. It's really annoying. Also it's super difficult to look up people to follow. But other than that I love it Worth it!

If i want to move certain pins to a board, i have to select one at a time. It was very difficult for me... So it will be much better if you have a setting regarding about the moving more selected pins to a board. Cuz i tried doing this in my laptop but didn't work. Looking forward for the new version. Enjoy it!

Good app...but it keeps glitching and saying that i have no boards or pins even though i know i do.. some of those are important to me. The app freezes. When this is fixed I'll give a 5 star and change my review. Superb!

Pinterest is a great stress reliever. Once you start you simply cannot stop! Easy to use and very addictive. Been using it for years and will continue for many more! Hopefully there won't be any more excessive updates in the future. love it

Been using Pinterest for years, love the new addition of subsections for boards. I wish the app would allow you to search for one of your boards when you're pinning something, like the browser version does, rather than having to scroll through all of them to select one. Recommend

Please go back to grid view. Searching for your board's in a list takes too long, looks ugly and just isn't user friendly. I've noticed some glitches too. Alot of my boards only half load only letting me see some of the pins in my boards. Brilliant

The "back to feed" update is dreadfully and unnessesairy. You can just click back, not worth risking clicking by accident when in the middle of something. The fact it pops up randomly is even worse. If somehow a great amount of people require such a feature please make it vulenrairy!! This app is AMAZING thoygh. Apart from this feature. Pleeeease adjust Go well

Can you fix the search feature please. The latest update messed everything up. I've been trying to not give up on the app, but the weekly updates that mess everything up are getting annoying. love it

I love, love this app. My only wish is that there were a way to filter out the pins that contain foul cursing. I know that doesn't bother some, but it irritates me no end! Works perfectly

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