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Game is GREAT. Info is weak... :( PLEASE post info on what to do to get trophies and even MORE important, a guide on fusing so we can stop pointlessly wasting cards with nothing to show for it. THANKS Mobirix! Please come through with this info! :) Brilliant

Awesome Hi, mobirix. Thank you for this game. I will keep this app for future updates. I'll be looking forward to it. Perfect

Not so great Doesn't take any real skill to play and it's not realistic. It requires internet to run. Also it seems that this game was designed exclusively with young girls in mind Good

This game is pretty good if you like reaction type games I wish there was a practice mode to get a better feel for the mechanics. Loving it so far Fantastic

Fun but... I would rate higher, but when I play, the game just randomly stops. I thought this was tablet compatible... Not bad

fun game kinda laggy on special effect and my pet doest show skin, only black collored, zenfone 5 wow lol

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