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Great game but can you fix the bugs when you go to hit a huge pineapple it freezes so I don't get all the money and the other bug is when I go to do the task it says I have nothing to do please fix. Also it is anoying that the app icon is Christmas please update. Thanks kechapp for reading my review. Just wow

I love this game its fin and very addictive. My only complaint is that the dude that be talk is in the way of my view. Can you guys please move him somewhere else like to the top of the screen.? Just wow

Its a good game and all, but for 1 I wish there was a way to get rid of the dude that says "apple pen","pineapple pen"and "pen pineapple apple pens". You can get rid of the sound and his voice but ya thats annoying. For 2 its super complicated. Anyways good game if your like over 9 Just wow

EDIT: WHEN WILL THIS APP EVER BE UPDATED AGAIN??!! While browsing games, I kept coming across this... Being a HUGE ketchapp fan, I just had to get it. The moment I heard "pen pineapple apple pen" I died laughing and so did my daughter! We absolutely love this game! And the phrase has now become our catchphrase! :) Must have

Incredible app game! It runs smoothly, except sometimes when it lags and stops after I tap then goes and misses the shot, but it's amazing, derpy, and a great time killer! Good

This games is so much fun it's adorable the fruits are so cute and I've unlocked a little more than half the pens I love the themes and my favorite pen so far is the surf board the modes are awesome but I just think that when you die you can pick to watch a video to earn coins or to watch it to have one more life to keep going from like the place you were already at before you died Must have

Addictive,challenging,great time killer,funny and cute It's so cute Great job

Makes no sense but fun When you mis the apple or pinaple they start crying because you didnt hit them but therir crying even though thire trying to dodge it Worth it!

Just a quick reply to @A Google user. It was sad because you missed the shot to get the pineapple or apple, and if you hit it, it was happy for you because you didn't miss! That's the reason why. Worth a go!

Wait... I love this game its a great time killer. And it is super cute. But I have a question. Why is the pineapple in the picture for the game sad when its about to be poked with a pen, but in the game the pineapple (or apple) is sad when it doesn't get hit by the pen? Maybe if this would change, i would give it a full 5 stars. But i do, trully enjoy this game. Not bad

Its kinda cute I really like it the cutenis it's soo cute but it's kinda a wrong cutenis its like this the pineapple (or apple)it's cute when it smile but why they get shot by a pen and there still smileng the owner of this game should change the the smileng it's kinda wrong direction but it still cute I would give a five stars but it still cute it's okey ☺☺☺☺☺☺ Enjoy it!

Within minutes of playing the game I was cured of my mega cancer and managed to finish dark souls with zero deaths.This game inspired me to solve world hunger and go back in time before the demon Lord Nazis took over the universe. If I succeed we will also avoid world war 3, 4 and 5. Works perfectly

Was an awesome game Very addictive game! Was well done.. until the update. Needs more pens and new themes as I have thousands of coins but nothing left to unlock. Bugs: Pineapples that give you coins don't register as pineapple hits for the counters. There's a glitch where the fruit jumps to the opposite side of the screen. Graphics bite the big one though.. fix it Perfect!

You could of made the game better. For example, you could have made the apple and pineapple's faces better and maybe make the pens cost a little less money. I love this game anyway. I love the way you can knock clothes off the pineapple or apple. 95% good. Surprisingly

The games controls, features, graphic are really good and can't get your eyes off the screen once dart playing BUT, They are advertising companies that pop up there add moment we open the app... And whenever huge pineapple is on the move these things pop up please patch this immediately. Worth a go!

My nephew loves to play this game. I don't appreciate this Wish company ad showing male private parts on their ad! You guys need to monitor what kind of ads are being displayed on a game small kids play! Well done!!

Its good but nobody is changing the theme. Back to normal. Its still christmas. It seems like an abandoned game yet i think it was pretty popular among non ketchapp game players. If ur not going to keep up with the changing theme at least put it back to regular n take it off holiday. Marvelous

Nice, stupid, silly game. Gets boring after awhile, but it's definitely silly and stupid (in a good way). Simple yet challenging. Are the developers even active on this game anymore? When's the next update? Everyday it gets more glitches. Time for an update. I guess you guys are busy on other games Go well

Sorry, Ketchapp, It stresses me out to much, timing games like this are too intense, and why is it Christmas themed when Christmas passed by a long time ago? Please fix this but thanks for making the game, get good rates and fix the suggestions, please? :) Amazing!

Game is great, but some of the ads that have sliding animations can slow down performance and drop fps, which often means game over when dealing with faster fruit. Well done!!

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