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Add the feature of selecting languages. I think this feature will make the app perfect. Highly Recommend.

Just best gives u the song according to ur mood nd the bst one U don't have to search the bst one it gives u the bst love it

In my view this app is very nyc Must have

Cluster of songs is good... But after the mood selection should have search OPTION || Big bro........... While u hav done a great job...u hav already spent countless hours....lets make it more comfrt... I LOVE IT..... Good

Their is really amazing collection mindblowing,just more onething it needs this app does not have column for new movies album song please update Flawless

Wish i could give it 6 stars best ever concept i loved this app and will suggest this to everyone Fantastic

Its mood facility creates uniqueness but compare to other music aap pindrop works too slow Amazing!

Very nice concept. Love the playslists. It's fun. But please fix the speed of app. It does respond properly. Otherwise I am loving it. Hope u improve everyday and I keep using this app for long time. Just wow

I m lovin it, one of the best app i have ever song recommendations. Marvelous

Best App i have ever seen For playing Songs, Awesome Collection of Songs. Simply Loved it Fabulous!

hey team, plz help me knowing that can I upload My* own song on this website from my android ? and if yes then how? I loved your app that the way you designed it but find some limitations and it is not working properly for my Lenovo A6000+, app is crashing and also creating problem to other apps so please help it out Muito bom!

The app has awesome collection for different moods,fabulous remixes, love it Marvelous

The app is good but it doesnt show different moods Like happy , sad it only shows the options like relax , party and ect Great!

The app has awesome collection of all genres, I was pretty much enjoying it till I installed it in my new oppo f3 plus, doesn't stream any music, no help and support,i also tried re-installing, but no luck Well done!!

Useful app but icons inside the app are not HD... Looks blurry e.g., shuffle, repeat icons Worth it!

It's to much good I just love this app that all songs are present that I won't Worth a go!

Please update to set the song play tym for eg. If I have to sleep while listening song ,it will play whole but So just add a setting by which we can set tym at which song will stop Superb!

I loved it it is amazing if u are bored than install pindrop ✌ Pretty good

This app is very good l loved this very much but I tap login many times then I am unable to login please help how to log in Well done!!

Awesome superb app best for music who likes to listen the music all day may be this is the best app Amazing!

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