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I like this app. But it keeps telling me that browser needs to be updated. I update all my apps when needed but never see any for Photon. If we are paying for it the lease the developers can do is send out updates when needed. It use to work great but over the past couple years it has went down hill. Not bad

This is the only app that will fully load the Defense Language Institute's 2000-era website GLOSS, which contains hundreds of free language lessons. I would pay to upgrade my account, but Flash Mode does not allow copy-paste (which I need for making flash cards), and getting only an annual subscription for my money is pretty unusual for an Android app. Fantastic

It was good until they made it so you were FORCED to pay for the flash function, I'd be fine with ads popping up now and then, but no, they took away the one function I required of this browser and locked it behind a pay wall for no reason, I hope the developers get rid of that soon, it may be a cheap paywall but not everyone has the money to spare trying to get back a feature that was previously free Surprisingly

Great app.. can play facebook games now. The problem is with the ads. So annoying. Furthermore, removing the ads is way too expensive. A fuckng 10 USD. Cool

The app is ok but then it's kinda slow. If one day if the creator of this app creates a new Flash Player app, hope it would be faster and a stronger app without being slow or with the upgrades stuff including ads. Thank you. Well done!!

Out of all the other apps out there that claims its flash capable. They cannot compare to photons true flash capabilities. Yet this app truely works in flash. Im sticking with you photon. All these other apps failed the flash test and doesnt meet the expectations photon does. Thank You. No others work for my device. I wonder why the raiting is so low. wow lol

I've been using it for a year and I'm pretty happy with it, and that's why I keep renewing the premium version. I'm using it in my old Asus TF300T tablet, and it's the closest thing to a desktop browser. I haven't tried playing flash games yet, but I've tried it on video websites and the flash mode works amazingly well. Also, sites like imgur that mix animated gifs with web videos work pretty well in flash mode, and don't have the issue of reloading the entire page every few seconds like other premium browsers do, or crashing the app entirely. It's too bad the ad blocker option doesn't work in flash mode, otherwise it would be perfect. Muito bom!

I need a browser that supports Flash. This does. Only frustration is that your display must remain on for the stream to continue. As soon as I lock the display the stream shuts off. I'd like to save battery by turning off my display but still listen. However, it allows me to stream the radio stations I need to listen to my FB team, so I cannot complain. Not bad

I also have tried Dolphin and one other browser and only Photon works. The free version does everything you ask for. I only wish it would open with flash mode already activated by default, but it's a very minor inconvenience. Surprisingly

Great way to connect with friends on video streaming sites like Picarto or Cytube. Pretty much all I use it for. Kinda wish the "upgrade" and "continue with ads" buttons wouldn't randomly switch sides though. Almost feels like you're trying to trick me into giving you money, but the joke's on you, I'm broke! Worth it!

This app made playing Samorost 1 and 2 possible. Thank you! Very easy to use, just remember to hit the lightning bolt and your session should work. Yay! Worth it!

Need game control so we can play games it should have arrow keys and space bar because many games require them if it happens ill give you 5 stars it should be fast too good luck Enjoy it!

Yep! I'm diggin' it on my Samsung J7 and my Nextbook Tablet. Runs super smooth every time. WAY faster than Chrome. Pay for it to remove the ads. 5 star

Awesome, works like any regular browser for phone except it has flash just like on a computer! Works great! Go well

I like that someone has made flash work on android, even if it is an illusion (it runs on another system and the screen is streamed. Some sites have security so if you turn on flash after logging: now the request is from another pc so the site may reject it and log you out...turn on flash first then log in) This is now the only way that I do my school work. The interactive textbook app from the publisher stopped working mid semester and the Photon Browser is now the only way to access it on mobile. And bonus: Photon (accessing the website like on pc) works better than the textbook publishers app! (when it did work!) The paid version is great to, less access rejects I spoke of earlier and less distracting to read without an ad banner. The are a few minor things to fix, but I can't complain when the only competitors are fake! Brilliant

It works. Only app I found that actually let me do my flash-based work courses from my phone which is exactly what I needed. Yes, there's ads but they aren't intrusive, easily ignorable, and it's a free app so I don't mind it. 9/10 Works perfectly

Not as good as I thought. the app does fairly well except that the flash keeps timing out in the middle of my sessions. also, the images are a bit grainy, or slightly out of focus. I bought the full version ($9.99 USD) hoping it would be better but all it did was remove the ads. I was robbed. I suppose I should've read some of these reviews. I've since downloaded Puffin and it's doing much better even in it's free version. Puffin's Pro version is only $1.99USD. by the way. but right now, I'm fine. (except for the money I lost) Surprisingly

Good point A flash player that works on android. Bad point - if you choose the freev version you do yet adverts before each flash session. Watch out though I just had one advertising a site with "curvy women that always say yes." Perfect!

Premium error? Hello i have a problem. . See i used photon browser for almost 2 years now.. When i try to turn on flash browser it says i must upgrade to premium? In the beginning im pretty sure i spent 10 bucks already. . Please check, thank you Muito bom!

This used to be a better app, even with the hijacking of chrome and outlook. Now it has problems with bookmarking and often crashes. Perhaps an update is needed please? Marvelous

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