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I use this to check my homework because I don't want to cheat. Now, I can check a page of algebra 2 problems in seconds, instead of wasting 10 minutes or more punching everything into a TI-30. Now, I'll ace every assignment. When I'm wrong, I don't have to wonder where the mistake is like you do when checking problems with a treditional calculator. It shows me the steps. Overall, this has been very helpfull, and I will continue to use it. Marvelous

A very useful for students who may want to understand problems they may have trouble with. This app offers everything that it claims it does, I would recommend to every friend of mine. But I would highly advise not abusing this app, this should only be used for better understanding of problems not for cheating. But other than that, a very reliable app. Muito bom!

Scans your math problem and gives you an answer and steps! It does take a while to focus, but that might just be my phone camera. But it's a great app that I use all the time. Thanks photomath! Perfect

Awesome .... But you have got to work on the handwriting detection most of the times it fails to detect correctly.. but when it does it's bang on! First time i used it i couldn't believe how good it works... the Best Worth it!

I know that most people are going to say that it's helping them learn but it really doesn't do that. No matter how much I love the fact that it shows you the steps it is hard the question that you need to solve won't scan or anything. Fantastic

Helps my daughter check her work so she gets a 100 on her paper. Since he father and I aren't that good at math. Worth a go!

This can help with lots of things. Surely not word problems which is a loss but I can't explain how much better it is than mathway. I have been using maybe at for a long time but needed something else. This is a great app. The only thkng is I would strongly consider adding a "%". Must have

Only camera math app that really worked for me, the best , and the coolest ,Best way to check my homework and maybe even give me answers to the ones I don't know. All I'm saying is that you have to download this app. Worth a go!

This app is extremely helpful. I have a sub right now and she can't explain the math well at all, but this app definitely could. Without this app I would have the quiz like everyone else. Just wow

Ok quick story... So my best friend was failing in math and got her phone taken away and of course the best friend I am told her I would do it for her even tho I have a "c+" and so I got this because I procrastinated and needed it done before the trimester closed which was the next day. So all in all this app was a life saver thank you. Recommend

It's so good! My teacher doesn't really teach us how to solve the problems in class so i usually have to take everything home and spend hours figuring it out, but with this it's a lot easier to understand and it can solve most if not all problems. love it

Just do your homework kids. Trust me you benefit more from just trying out the problems. You will never be good at math if this app solves the problem for you. I gave it 5 stars so that you read this review. This app kills brain cells. Math is not that hard if you just try to understand. Go to Khan Academy. Perfect

Truth to be told, it is quite useful. It helps me not to interrupt others, which I used to do. Moreover, it gives expanded way of solution, which I really like. But! It doesn't contain such thing as conditions, which would made me speechless. Furthermore, It doesn't always show you the easing way of solution and the right one too Enjoy it!

App is stunning but needs some improvements. First app developers improve it in the field of word problems. Second, this app must be updated for complex math problems Superb!

Sadly 3 stars, it's an amazing app, worked well for the longest time. But now for some reason it keeps shutting down my phone entirely, I've had to restart my phone 5 times in the last 20 minutes, please fix this bug!! Worth a go!

It is pretty good, But..... Some times it messes up like not have a certain number or when it is correct and then I sit my phone down so it WON'T change but it does but that happen maybe only 2 to 5 times out of the 100s of times that I used this app. Bit all that rarely happens, plus I'm sure that they are working on fixing all the mistakes. Enjoy it!

AWESOME! I love this app!! It helps me with my maths homework when I struggle with it and SHOWS me how to get the answer for free! Normally you have to pay to get the steps but with this app you don't! GET IT ASAP! You won't regret it. Superb!

Brilliant app, very useful for Students who need help with maths as you can scan questions and answer them, then it tells you how you work it out so really a spectacular app. Some things it can't solve. Also you can edit what it thinks it sees so you can type in the correct sum. Just wow

A really sophisticated user interface(lovin' it...) And just an overall awesome app. It's just a MUST have if u r in school, so any1 reading be sure to download it as it's free now from my perspective I think in a month or 2s time PhotoMath will become a paid app. So hurry up Just wow

This app is awesome. Literally helps me alot. Not only does it correct your mistakes and teaches you how to do it, it is simple and easy to use. Best app ever. Would like to thank the creators of this app alot. Marvelous

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