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Dope, if u try and add more payment options u will sell at an amazing speed,i wish to purchase bah i dont have a credit card,i rather have an MTN mobile money account Good

The loading speed of the pictures is bad.. Would be nice if you could download them to the watch. Just wow

It's good but maybe will be better with standalone pictures with no phone.And I always need to turn on 3G/LTE to sync Works great

It should also when on airplane mode or when Bluetooth connection cannot be established love it

Don't need to purchase a photo watch face app to make your photos to display with time...simply open the photo in this app and leave it for few seconds the time will display simultaneously on top of the screen.. Fantastic

One of the only ones where you can actually zoom and it will give you better quality Omg

It's a good app it could just do with a option to set the picture as a watch face back drop Awesome

I could really find a reliable app to allow me to view all of my photos up until now, really thankful. Worth a go!

Very nice app for looking at pictures have a nice zoom in zoom out without this app you cannot view pictures on your watch bought it as a bundle with about 10 other apps $9.99 I think it's a very good bye Go well

I'm not completely sure why these wear apps don't have solid 4 and above ratings. They work perfectly fine and far better than most of the built in apps. Keep it up appfour! I paid to support. Worth a go!

without doubt best app for viewing photos on watch. Video app highly recommended!. All apps from these developers are excellent. Many thanks Fabulous!

Works great and makes Android Wear feel like what it really should be. Allows for more usablity of your smartwatch. Must have

Keeps crashing on watch (Photos has stopped working), all other apps of appfour work flawlessly. Tried reinstall and restarts but nothing Marvelous

Great Android Wear app. I am glad that appfour has continued to support the Android Wear ecosystem with new apps. They seem like the only ones adding functionality like veiwing photos to the platform. Works great

Good app But,why I'm not able to see the google photos folder from the phone on the watch? Because some days earlier it showed me that folder but now I see only the camera one Good

Work only problem is keeps on giving notification of them having a 50% everytime fix it Fabulous!

Great app but it does not open MMS images within the wear messages app. If I receive a text message with a pic, I can see it but when I click on the pic it never opens. Wheel keeps spinning. Marvelous

Great app for my LG Watch Sport for pictures. Love the clarity that comes with the pictures and it loads quickly. Just wow

Paid for this. After update, it only loads grey squares, no pictures until I relaunched the all in my phone again. Superb!

This app works perfectly on my Zenwatch 2. I bought all your wear apps in the bulk deal. They all work great! Works great

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