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Look. It is not smooth. Huge time suck. Needs work. The overall sensibility of the image selection reflects an unsophisticated aesthetic shallowness. Looks like the taste of a hick. Cool

It's helpful...But need to create more photo frames for everything and for every event...Thanks Good

What an amazing app! I found it easy to make beautiful, memorable works of art from my pictures. It makes collages, has creative frames, borders and is easy to navigate. Worth a go!

Photo Frames is the only app I use for photo edit fun and creating quick posters that are ready for Facebook! Brilliant

so far I'm using yr frames to collage my photos and they were fantastic!!! Muito bom!

Superb! Originally I just wanted a decorative frame for something, but this app has tons of great features and is really easy to use. Adding text or creating memes is so quick and easy. And fun! I use this app in preference to editing pics on the PC now. Highly Recommend.

I like your frames you have alot to choose from and threy are all nice and pretty special all of them. ❤ Worth a go!

Great photosApps have ever seen nice templates and design to choose and easy to share. Perfect!

It's ok just needs more square frames in the collodge area to much rectangle needs more square other than that it's ok Must have

First time using it ... Love it so far!!! Love all the different s options and themes Just wow

Very nice frames templates etc. Actually really really nice app.. LOVE IT ! Can you guys maybe make it that we can change templates pictures to those in our gallery plz Awesome

It's very nice it made my Snapchat photos look awesome so I became popular thanks photo frames u should download this if u want your photos look cool I recommend Perfect

Last two hours I m unable to download birthday grams today App is being opened but can't download d grams. Great job

For all birthdays and for the special moments, I always use this app Not bad

I love the idea of having a flash n expensive room with the pictures on the walls Clever luv it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Superb!

I loved it but not sure if the app has a glitch on today as I can't use it showing error 404 no internet connection Highly Recommend.

It's great.. I have downloaded lots of pic collage makers n deleted them instantly.. not this one I love it!!!! Must have

this app is simply the father of all the apps app on google play store ..a must download to make pictures really look great ... Fabulous!

Easy to use, offers a variety. I think I will be able to be creative with it, and not locked in with no options. NO ADS IS A BIG PLUS!!! Works perfectly

The app installed easily and edits photos as expected. However, it lacks user Options or Settings to customize it, and is basically one size fits all. Another problem I've experienced is the frequent alerts that pop up on my screen! Despite the fact that the frame editing function works well, this isn't a communications app and I don't want to be constantly reminded its there. I want it to remain in the background for when I'm ready to use it. Unfortunately, there's no way to turn them off. The "Notifications" tab in the menu lists previous messages about updates, but no User Settings. This is very disappointing for a full-featured modern app. And, it has me deciding whether or not to uninstall it! Cool

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