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wow its a great aap for photo editing and effects through which you can improve your skills also Nice effort keep it up Pretty good

Cool app love it good work by dev kewp it up really osm i hope every one download this app Cool

Photo effects and art pro is really awesome application good work keep it up really appreciate Perfect!

Photo effect & art pro application is very good and very easy to all users thanks for developer I really like it Cool

It is so nice and lovely apps. I love it. Keep it downloading and installing it. Thanks for your business and look forward to. Recommend

Loved the app..yoh but too many ads and the ads play whether u like it or not so they finish your ey erase the ads Just wow

I have not really had a chance to do anything buy test it out. Deems fun, after you learn the game better. But I really thought the actual pictures would turn out better with the effects. Great!'s an amazing app....filters r perfect n gud ....luv this app Worth it!

LOVE IT !!! Best art app period !!! Creates gorgeous pics ! App is 'so great' I don't even mind the ads. I don't really understand why ppl gripe abt ads when the app is free. Geez! For those that LOVES artwork...this is the app for u. I'd give it more than 5 star's if I could. Ty for allowing ppl to use this app free. Even if others don't, I'll show my gratitude, thank you :-) Great job

It is difficult to use this app if you are looking for one that is fast and simple, with clear differences between each filter and the next. This app is slow, and it is so packed with ads that users will get tired of it before finishing even one image. The constant interruptions feel invasive and are a blatant waste of time. Also, the filters are mostly very similar from one to the next, and it doesn't really feel worth the effort to wait an entire minute for each one to load when other image editing apps can load special effects in seconds. Well done!!

Suppabbbbbb app Iike it Iike it loved it and very useful .... Highly Recommend.

Was a 5 star until I discovered that it dosent work without internet connection. Now I'm gonna search for another Great!

Bether than nothing When u wanna watch a video to open the new effects,there's no video!why?! Then it doesn't work whit out internet Highly Recommend.

Bether than nothing When u wanna watch a video to open the new effects,there's no video!why?! Works great

I love this. The number of features on it for a free app is just amazing. I constantly use this to edit photos for fun and for show....This app is really good. There are a lot of fun things to do on it and it doesn't take too long and it's easy. Excellent! Highly Recommend.

Photo Effect Art Pro is a powerful photo editor with many amazing effects and filters! Pic Photo Art has everything you need to make every picture awesome. Omg

Photo effect & art pro is very nice and helpful app i like it very much and thumbs up for mine side Brilliant

Photo effect and art pro is best app give 5 * it deserve easy to use nice graphics Well done!!

Is me mast photo edit hote hai ye app friends try karo ek baar joradar app he yaar Great!

Photo Effect & Photo Art it's a fabulous and wonderful application... Great work by all teem. Marvelous

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