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It seem like a good app and it's free but... the most annoying thing is that there is no return button, so when you work on a collage or s photo you cannot just take one or a couple steps back, you have to start from the very beginning! Plus, when you add texture or want to use any of the very many really cool effects, these effects don't have a name or a number attached m, so you try one then have to scroll black to the beginning if you want to click on original to see a difference and then if you like the one effect you have tried, you have to TRY to find it somehow from so many unnamed ones effects! Pain, thus is an absolute pain. And every time you want to try to collage another photo you get pop ads... I know the app is for free but... It's very annoying and takes a long time to do something if you want to try different effects before finding the one you like. Pretty good


Far too many options that I find pretty awesome.. No problems so far. Really handy for my son's monthly milestones and pictures. Great app. Omg

I'm really loving this app! Very easy to use and has great features... and free. Thank you! A+ love it

Great app, but the ads are very annoying. I can't find a way to pay and get rid of them either. Perfect

Love it I really want this app when I knew that my friend have this app.So I decided to download this app and its came true ilove it so very nice.... Flawless

Actually i changed mah mobile phones always..but as i m addicted to use photo editor so i must must must want it in mah mobile...nd it was always first intallation of app in mah any phone Flawless

Perfect!!!!!! But the "make up" is not good enough It doesn't recognize faces... But it is the best photo editor app I've ever used:)))) Works perfectly

I think that this app is really cool.. I really like used it you know, its really fun to use Superb!

i love it it is a awesome app an app i will always have because is just like wow. it is one of the most powerful app i ever used. Flawless

It's decent. I use it to resize photos & make collages. I wish there was a way to see the actual measurements after I resize a pic, so I know exactly how to resize the next time. Also, I wish there was a "no ads" version. Marvelous

This app is amazing at first I thought yeah whatever they are gonna say its the best photo editor, but it really is I can use this for Instagram, Snapchat, Flipagram, and just to save it in my gallery! I really enjoy this app it deserves an outstanding 5.5 love this app and love the filter, crop, backgrounds, and so much more I can't name it all Highly Recommend.

Works be better if I could figure it out. Haha. I just downloaded this a few weeks ago and I love it. I'm sure I'll love it more when I figure it out. Enjoy it!

Very nice app ever. It's all in one ! At last ! I found the best photo editor ever. Thanks ! This is the first time I gave feedback. Not bad

One of the better photo apps around. Easy to use, lots of features to use. The only problem is that there are way to many ads. Would pay for it if the ads are removed Pretty good

Great features. Sometimes the game glitches and doesn't save the pic. But overall it's fantastic☺ Pretty good

This app is really the best...I advice everyone to download it because you'll have no regrets Perfect

I have used this quite a bit and really like it. Now my problem is I switch to iPhone and can't find the same app Just wow

It's a really nice app and I can make nice photo how I want to Really recommend this app Brilliant

It's ok. Probably just use it for the layouts.. There's no 'back' button so I have to exit the whole thing ... that sucks.. it's a little confusing... no real help anywhere ... Fantastic

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