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I just want u guys to put some effects with the pic like thunder or something like that Great!

Amazing app I love it so much Just wow

Very nice app. I love this app. Well done!!

It's a pretty good game. And it makes me look prettier and younger. It is a good game I like this game alot. Thank you for this game. love it

saala kamina app hai .....dikhata hai ki ladka ka face edit hota lekin jb kholte hai toh dekhte hai ki ladki ka face edit hota hai this app is fcuk Works great

Its good but not great like for instance it can only change your hair into some colours not all and that stinks love it

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Like this app. Only thing i was going to use it for eyebrows but it doesn't do them. Pretty good

It's ok but at first it wouldn't install but when it did it was actually really fun Recommend

It's fine but when I opened up my phone it had a thing to slide and unlock which my phone doesn't have. It looked like an ad. I deleted this app and the thing stopped! I think this app caused that. Please fix Recommend

I love it but it is useful for women only. Please can you work for the male part Well done!!

Subhan Allah ya Allah meri maddat kar Aligarh u.p wow lol

it's a good editor but it plays ads randomly on your phone, even when the app isn't even open. Pretty good

Awesome! I can make really funny looking pics and send them 2 my friends! It is very funny too! Enjoy it!

It would be amazing if it didn't take over my whole tablet with t's weather updates beauty camera charging background and unnecessary notifications please fix this until then i'm uninstalling Brilliant

The app is really useful except that adds are to much. They bombard the screen ruining the entertainment of the app. Not bad

Funny, but it silently installed a keyboard which may steal user typing secretly without your consent and so you'd lose privacy 5 star

If it still continues pop up the the ads at my screen.. I'm going to uninstall !! Worth it!

after we updated our Galaxy Note8 on 19 Dec all my edit photos by using this app can't show on my photo gallery. please fix it dear Surprisingly

I honestly don't care what anyone else wanna say but it works for me. Can't do much for you if you don't try it. Pretty good

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