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this is the best app in playstore ..please update this regularly ...many android user like it ..thank you guys Omg

Please bring back all the fonts before the update and add few more.. I don't like the current fonts, don't have so much choices.. please, thanks love it

Very simple and easy to use BUT less font type in new version (some font in previouse version have been deleted) Superb!

That's an amazing app....I really love it... But please add a signature like 'ZenShot'....or 'ZenPhotography'..... It would be great ..... Works perfectly

Functional app. Easy ui to use all the features. But, ASUS Calling Screen not very functioning. The hangup button most of the time will completely ignore you. Amazing!

Best and easy use i love this aap, please please add more magazine filters theme and effects. Worth a go!

I WAS very happy w the older versions, with lots of fonts choices. Now there's only 6 type. Disappointed. Flawless

There will be more star if you able to add adjustable square to be fit in instagram and add more effect please Perfect!

this app is like facebook lite.every long waiting to have the updated and what we found is nothing different then before.always says bug fix,performance improvement.i love this app so much but pls bring the amazing feel again. Fantastic

Add Marker option as well .If i want to highlight some area , it will be very difficult without marker option Amazing!

100% Mature, and you can do wonderfully creative with images, and photos. Best app, and, on the top of everything I've used on a mobile phone! Must have

It became one of the worst apps. Why you people make the fonts deleted? Please add the other fonts. Before this update it was quite good. Fantastic

Its good but if you wanna make it great just add instafit or sqare fit filter too! Go well

I really liked this d first time i updated it months ago (built-in in zenfone selfie) they added lots of magazines,fonts,and styles but when i updated it again the other day, it went back to d default version. Am so disappointed. Surprisingly

What happened...It Is Not Called Upgrading Its called degrading...You Guys Removed All The Special Fonts...Now Its like all other Apps... Great job

New update removed all the diferent types of fonts, except for a few...please bring them back Pretty good

Best Android Image editing App for free. Download now and give it | Marvelous

It is just good if u want to show few photos in one view. Add in some words for clarification. Great!

Awesome best editing app ever. But it has bugs text colour does not change... Plzz fix that. Omg

UNIQUE!! Highly Recommend.

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