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Very nice service I started to use yesterday, and it works very good. You can add more features so that we can enjoy Awesome

This app is awesome This app is everything a parent needs to make sure their kids are safe. I love it, just wish it wasn't so expensive. Good

Not working recorded calls It only records victims call,The app doesn't record other's voice whom the victim call/received call. If this fix it'll get 5stars 5 star

See how it goes I didn't know it was so expensive I wish they gave you a free trial or something Flawless

Amazing app! I love all the features it gives. Allows peace of mind for our loved ones. Amazing!

Not sure how to switch devices I put it on my phone first to see if it worked but now that's all I can see on the dash Recommend

Holy shit it works I put my own number in to see if it was fake or not and all of my messages,calls,Google searches...everything came up.. even my phone percentage. Now that's nuts Well done!!

I installed on my phone, then I uninstalled it to just use my laptop. Big mistake! now when I reinstall on my phone it won't give me the code to continue. i tried turning my phone off and on. didn't help. Brilliant

Finally!!! There's tons of apps or website's and you find out afterwards it doesn't work or you have to pay for it and then you can still figured out it doesn't work. THANKS for actually making a truly amazing app Great job

Works pretty good I used it and it works really great but for some reasom it doesnt show internet history for Internet Explorer just chrome and firefox. If this was fixed I would give 5 stars Fabulous!

excellent location tracking If you want to keep up with all your kids and where they are, here's your perfect app. Works flawlessly Highly Recommend.

Useful android spy for spouse The user interface is really well designed, and the app is about as simple as it can be. Marvelous

Great app The best phone spy software that I use, faster and very useful and very helpful i really like it... Surprisingly

Awesome!!! This app gives me a great peace of mind ...knowing where my grandkids are....thank you Perfect!

Awesome Very accurate and convenient. Simple to use. I can always see where members of my family are Go well

It's working just the way it says It works I just don't like if they access a messenger like snap chat that's all you can see Recommend

Best app so far It's very hard to find an app with all the features this app has. I was very surprised. Worth it!

Fantastic! Works wonderfully & does everything it says it will do, I cannot say the same for other apps! A pleasure to use!! love it

Just loved it If path tracking is incorporated atleast for close family members.. It would be better for security purpose too Good

Worldwide I can spy on my wife no matter where she is worldwide!! Very cool!!! Thanks Bob w. 5 star

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